The Tonight Shop Now Open and Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon Update

Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon may be scheduled to open April 6, but the gift shop, named The Tonight Shop, is already open and selling lots of Jimmy Fallon, NBC, and Universal Studios items. The new shop opened to guests over this previous weekend and will remain open while the ride construction continues.

At The Tonight Shop you can get your very own Hashtag the panda plush, Tonight Show shirts, NBC Studios mugs and so much more. Construction continues as workers get the finishing touches complete for this new ride, including new lettering being added to the entrance marquee, as well as lighting in the sign and more. Check out the video and full photo report below to see construction and everything in the new shop and stay tuned for more updates!

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Photo Updates

Scaffolding is down around the entrance marquee
The stone embellishments are complete above the entrance
Left-side design
New text has appeared on the marquee today
Looks like a temporary seal on the text for now. I'm guessing will be silver when complete
The side says NBC Studios
They were installing LED lights inside the entrance sign
Looking towards the store entrance
The Tonight Shop is now open to guests
Inside the store
Love the colorful peacock on the ceiling and here on the checkout counter
Ride exit stairs, with temporary railing
Workers installing railings on exit stairs
The store is fully stocked

Race Through New York merchandise and more
Race Through New York T-Shirts
Tonight Show pillow
Sticky notepads and thank you notes
That's actually pretty funny

Tonight Show Merchandise
More Tonight Show stuff

Race Through New York merchandise
NBC merchandise
Love the classic NBC logo mug
NBC shot glasses
They have NBC logo shirts in all colors
Fluffy plush peacock
New York style shirts

HEY! Funky Bunch
One of his catch-phrases?

Ew! And flippity flops.

I got my tight pants on!... Tight pants actually for sale too
Hashtag panda everything!
Window display
Children's shirt
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