Walls Down at Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon and Nighttime Lighting

The work walls have come down in front of the entrance to Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon at Universal Studios Florida. We're one step closer to seeing this soft open! Construction is continuing inside the entrance and queue, but there's been plenty of ride testing going on and a private event was held at the ride earlier in the week. We'll keep you posted on when the general public may have their first chance to experience this new attraction, so stay tuned!

Plus, we're taking a look at the nighttime lighting for the new ride as well as some minor changes in the store. The last few nights have seen the marquee entrance sign all lit up as well as windows and accent lights on in the building. Check out the video and photo update below and stay tuned for more #FallonRide updates coming soon!

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Photo Update

Welcome to NBC Studios, right here in Orlando!
The work walls are down in front of the ride entrance
The marquee looks complete, and that partial racing stripe up the side has finally been covered up
Team Members are stationed out front to inform you that the ride will be opening April 6th
Podium right in front of the entrance doors
Work going on inside the entryway and queue area
Team Member uniforms made to look like NBC Pages!
Walls still up along the other facades on the building
"Neon" lights in the words on the marquee lit up
Inside the gift shop, named The Tonight Shop, we can see the ride exit is ready
A large mural advertising The Tonight Show is only visible when walking down the exit stairs
The lighting around the building looks incredible at night
Lights on in the "windows" on the facade
Backlit NBC logo
Marquee lighting in the night

That's all for this update! See our previous update from earlier this week for more details, and check out our tour of all the products in The Tonight Shop here!

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