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Hiya! Thank you to everyone that has followed my blog for the past several years. I've had a blast covering massive construction updates from the beginning like the new King Kong ride at Islands of Adventure. As many of you already know I have started an entirely new website devoted to the Orlando parks: OrlandoParkStop.com.

In an effort to focus more on my new site I will no longer be posting articles and updates to this blog. Please follow the news feed RSS for my new site, and subscribe to the Email Newsletter for continuing coverage. I've already covered the opening of Pandora and Volcano Bay in great detail since starting the site. And I've discussed many rumors about upcoming lands and attractions like the Epcot upgrades and Toy Story Land. New stories about Super Nintendo World and Star Wars land are coming soon as well!

I hope to see you at the new website and once again, thanks so much for your support! Visit now at OrlandoParkStop.com.

00852.MTS.Still008Williams of Hollywood is a shop at Universal Studios Florida where you can buy actual props from old rides, stores, events and more! While on my last visit I noticed some new items in the shop from the JAWS ride, Twister, Disaster and even a giant Woody Woodpecker figure too! Man, if I just had 2000 dollars lying around I would so pick up that shark from the old JAWS wait time sign. Really brings back memories. Check out the video or photo report below and stay tuned for more theme park updates.

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00772.MTS.Still051It's time to take a look around Universal Studios Florida and see how some of the big construction projects are doing and what's new in the park! As soon as I got there I noticed a lot of new merchandise added to the main studio store for the upcoming film The Secret Life of Pets. There have been rumors of this property getting its own ride in the parks if the film is a success, (and I have a feeling the film will do just fine). One of the mugs caught my attention as it's actually branded with 'Universal Studios' on it! Over at Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon lots of work continues at a breakneck pace as facades get built, roofing gets laid, walls go up, and lots of interior work gets done. It looks like another rounded (screen-like) wall on the inside is being constructed too. See images below for more details. Not much is happening at Fast & Furious Supercharged. They took down the potted plants in front of the work walls. That's about it. And finally in City Walk, Toothsome Chocolate Emporium (formerly 'Chocolate Factory') is coming together nicely with new brickwork on the front. See the video along with lots of images with more information about these projects below and stay tuned for more theme park updates!

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00550.MTS.Still008Twister and Disaster have long closed to make way for the new attractions Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon and Fast & Furious Supercharged at Universal Studios Florida. More New York facades are being added around the gutted soundstage building for the Jimmy Fallon ride. It'll be nice to have that big bland building blocked by more themed New York building facades. Also, there is what looks to be a big rounded section of steel inside the building. It could be for a big screen, especially if this does turn out to be a Soarin' type attraction as rumored. Lots of digging continues at the site of Fast and Furious, but not much else is happening there. And new picture spot props have been added to the Hello Kitty store. Check out the update video and lots of construction images below!

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