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Lots more trees and plants have been added since my last visit to check out Pandora: The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom. It's beginning to get more difficult to see into the area with all of the new plants and trees being planted, but that's a good thing for full immersion in the new land once it's open. Just one more sign that we're getting closer to the opening! I got video and photos of the bridge leading into Pandora for the first time this update. I was excited to see a flock of Imagineers surveying the area while I was there too.

Kali River Rapids is closed for its annual refurbishment and is scheduled to re-open sometime in the Spring. The water has been drained from the ride as part of this rehab. I saw workers touching up painted designs on the load platform using stencils while I was there. The new monkey enclosure at Maharajah Jungle Trek is now open featuring lion-tailed macaques. And I took some video of the Rivers of Light stadium seating, effects, projectors and boats since I hadn't gotten a good look at it yet myself. Watch the video and check out the photo update below for more details!

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P1040933The NBC Sports Grill & Brew was first announced back in the beginning of June, seven months after the former NASCAR Cafe closed its doors for good. We're now finally seeing some big action on the site as the structure is starting to really resemble the concept art that's been released. They had hoped to have the new sports themed restaurant and bar open in time for Halloween Horror Nights, as drinking has become a big part of that event and the new venue could be a great gathering place before and after guests enter the park, but it looks like they may just miss it unless they push it into high gear. (The Halloween themed event begins in just a few short weeks.) The NBC Sports Grill & Brew is officially scheduled to open sometime in the Fall of this year.

Comparison of the current state of construction (left) and concept art of the completed building (right)

The new venue will host 100 HD TV screens throughout the restaurant showing NBC sports programming of all types. There will be several extremely large screens outside of the building, which will be visible from many parts of CityWalk, beckoning customers in with their warm glow. The establishment will offer an extensive menu of more than 75 different items, with favorites like burgers and steaks to custom creations like crab scotch eggs. And, of course, no sports bar is complete without the perfect beer. You’ll be able to select from over 100 different beer varieties, including an exclusive draft you’ll only find there. Check out the construction progress pictures below and stay tuned for more updates! ...continue reading

NBC-Sports-Grill-Brew-Exterior-Featured-900x563Back when the NASCAR Sports Grille closed in November of last year, no one was sure what was going to replace it. Over time it became clear that a NBC Sports related restaurant and sports bar would be taking over the vacant space. In April we got our first glimpse of a possible name from a permit filed. Today, Universal Orlando has officially announced the first ever NBC Sports Grill & Brew is coming to Universal Citywalk, and it will be opening this fall! The venue will host 100 HD TV screens throughout the restaurant all showing NBC sports programming of all types. Read the full press release, see the video, and check out some of the construction progress pictures below.


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