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It was a fun run, but this was the final weekend for the first annual Epcot Festival of the Arts, (see my review and full coverage here.) In just a little over a week we'll be jumping right into Epcot's next big event, the Flower & Garden Festival! Gardens, topiaries and many food booths are already starting to show up all around Future World and World Showcase. Plus, a couple children's playgrounds are being constructed as well. Flower & Garden starts March 1, 2017, see my previous article for complete food menus and event information.

Also going on in the park, you can now purchase prints of all of the fantastic paintings featuring Figment from the "Brush with the Masters" scavenger hunt at the arts festival. Prints can be ordered through the Disney Art of Animation On Demand kiosks at Epcot and Disney Springs. You can choose an optional frame and your artwork is delivered to your home within a couple weeks. And finally, we check in on the construction of Choza Tequila, the new food stand opening soon at Mexico in World Showcase. Once open, you'll be able to get hand-crafted margaritas and classic Mexican cuisine like tacos, empanadas, chips and fresh guacamole. Check out the video and photo report below and stay tuned for more theme park updates!

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00763.MTS.Still007The construction walls are down at Skull Island: Reign of Kong at Universal's Islands of Adventure! The wait has been long, but soon we'll be able to get our first rides on this new immersive attraction. We should hopefully expect to see soft opens within the week. It really could be any day now (or any hour even). Plus the outdoor gift shop stand, Base Camp Provisions, is open and selling Kong merchandise. Check out the video and photos below to see how the area looks now with the work walls down and some of the items you can get at the new gift shop and food stand. Stay tuned for more information as it happens. This should hopefully be our last update video before softs start and we'll post as soon as they start letting guests on the ride!

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P1040685In the two months since my last update on the area they've just about wrapped up the exterior construction. The new wall connecting the two buildings looks like it's been there all the time. And there is a new entrance door in the middle of the wall, just as I was suspecting. It's nice to see that the Garden of Allah Villas sign has returned after being removed briefly while they did some concrete ground work. They're not quite finished with some window and door work on the outside, (and who knows how much more they have to do inside the buildings).

We've known for a while now that this building will house something called the "NBCUniversal Media Lab", which will probably be a place where employees can use and test new technologies, or allow businesses to use state-of-the-art teleconference technologies. It doesn't seem, at least at this point, that this will be something that will be open to the public. Learn more about that in my last post on the subject here. See all the new construction update photos below!

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P1030768Kongstruction is looking amazing today in Islands of Adventure! The creepy faces are coming along nicely, the brick color is looking beautiful, and the temple facade is growing across the right side of the structure. The construction walls have begun encroaching on the pathway, having moved out about to 10 to 20 feet in some places. The food stand is gone now, considering there isn't enough room to accommodate it on the path anymore. The walls have probably been moved out to make way for construction of the outdoor scene that will take place in front of the structure. Supposedly the ride vehicle will exit the structure after load and venture into an outdoor scene before re-entering the building through the enormous temple gate. See all the pictures from today below!

Ancient temple gate looming over the construction walls
Ancient temple gate looming over the construction walls
The construction walls have been moved in and the food stand is gone
The construction walls have been moved in and the food stand is gone

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P1030128Workers are making quick work of the rockwork at the new King Kong attraction and Skull Island area at Islands of Adventure. A few faces have started to take shape around the entrance to the temple ruins. The paint-work is looking very complete on the left-side of the building. Most of the exterior walls are complete throughout much of the structure and from what I can see the interior work is coming along nicely as well. Check out all of the pictures below.

There have been rumors flying around the web now that the Australian company Creature Technology will have some hand in the animatronics for the ride. They were responsible for the incredibly impressive King Kong puppet from the Kong musical. Watch this video for a sample of the giant Kong puppert-work. They were also the studio behind the beautiful Walking with Dinosaurs puppets and animatronics from its arena show, which I can tell you from seeing it in person, is just amazing. See a sample of that work here. If they apply their skill to create expressive puppets and impressive skins to the figures in the Kong ride I will be very pleased.

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villasfeaturedWith most of the attention on bigger things like King Kong and the new water park it's easy to miss the smaller construction projects, so today lets focus on the work being done over at the Garden of Allah Villas in Universal Studios Florida. As I previously stated it does indeed look like the two buildings are being connected. Slowly, but surely, progress is being made. No one is quite sure what this will end up being. Check out the video and pictures below!

gardenofallahvillaspermitOriginally it was rumored to become a museum for Universal's 25th anniversary, but that no longer seems to be the case. Screamscape has said that the inside of the buildings are being remodeled into series of conference rooms, equipped with several monitors mounted to the walls. Permit filings show the name of the project as "NBCUniversal Media Lab". Perhaps Screamscape is right, because there is already a NBCUniversal Media Lab in New Jersey, for employees to test out new technologies. Maybe the Media Lab coming to Orlando will be a hands-on exhibit where park guests can experience the newest technologies themselves. Only time will tell. For now, check out the construction progress below and stay tuned for more updates.

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P1020680The walkway out in front of project 340, (AKA the new King Kong attraction at Islands of Adventure), has received some shiny new skull-themed construction walls. They jut out pretty far, but the area does look a little cleaner with them. It seems clear now with these skull themed walls what attraction they are in fact building back there, in case there were still any doubts. As far as construction progress goes, it looks like they're putting a primer and/or sealant over the rockwork before painting, the top of the rockwork is looking more and more like the Skull Island temple, and the right side of the structure is finally getting all walled up. Check out the pictures below to see the construction progress as well as the new themed construction walls. And check out the previous update for some video!

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P1020384The Jurassic Park River Adventure is still down for seasonal maintenance at Universal's Islands of Adventure. It appears that the water has been drained to facilitate cleaning and maintenance work. Other areas outside of the ride are also receiving some love such as planters and brickwork around the land. With the Jurassic World film less than 100 days from opening it'll be nice to have everything back in working order on the ride, including, hopefully, all of the animatronic figures' rubber skins, which need to be replaced and repaired quite often in the Florida sun and rain.

Check out the photos below, of both the ride rehab, and some sights around the area. I was fortunate to meet a baby triceratops on my travels and you can see a video below.

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P1020233During the slow season is when the parks like to get their annual refurbs done. At Islands of Adventure they've just completed work on Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls and Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges in Toon Lagoon. Now that things are all sparkly and new over there they've moved their attention to the Jurassic Park River Adventure and surrounding areas. Workers have been cleaning the rockwork at the big drop, painting posts and there are construction walls up all around the area. Everything is going to be all shiny and new just in time for Jurassic World to hit theaters this summer! See the pictures below. ...continue reading

P1020013Kongstruction is back in swing and stronger than ever this week. More and more steel has been arriving each day to the site of Project 340 in Islands of Adventure. The walls on all sides of the building are almost all up while the large facade supports continue to grow along the front edge of the structure. What looks to be the steel skeleton for the left-side of the large gate from Skull Island can now be seen. Below are the construction photos from today's visit. ...continue reading