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Play Sound Menu
on 2009/5/28 4:20:19 (4412 reads)

Drop this script and up to 22 sounds into a prim. Users select sound by touch menu and sound plays. Can adjust sound volume.

  0   Script ID : 25
Change Texture Menu
on 2009/5/28 4:18:53 (16715 reads)

Drop this script and up to 22 textures into a prim. Users select texture by touch menu. Can change on single face or all sides at once.

  0   Script ID : 24
Colors Menu
on 2009/5/28 4:15:59 (5830 reads)

Select color from 59 choices by menu. Can be used with single prim or multiple prims.

  0   Script ID : 23
Basic Dialog Menu
on 2009/5/28 4:13:39 (3953 reads)

Low Lag menu with brief listen that closes when not in use. Use this simple menu in your own scripts!

  0   Script ID : 22
Region Agent Total
on 2009/5/27 20:40:00 (2445 reads)

Returns how many avatars in sim. (Must be compiled in MONO.)

  0   Script ID : 30
Online Status
on 2008/4/1 8:24:48 (11154 reads)

Will show if the object owner is Online or Offline in Second Life.

  0   Script ID : 19
Multi Give Script
on 2008/4/1 8:21:58 (9886 reads)

Drop this script and up to 22 objects into a prim. Users Touch for dialog menu, select an item, and that item is given to user.

Objects you are giving away should be Copy/Transfer. This is great for Party Drinks, Vending Machines, and Food Items.

  0   Script ID : 18
Load URL
on 2008/4/1 8:17:05 (3228 reads)

Touch for dialog menu to open a web page.

  0   Script ID : 17
Give Random Object
on 2008/4/1 8:15:05 (2903 reads)

Fill a prim with this script and as many objects as you like. User Touches and gets 1 random object. (No more than 100 objects is suggested for best results.)

  0   Script ID : 16
Random Color Text
on 2008/4/1 8:13:38 (5029 reads)

Floating text that changes colors randomly.

  0   Script ID : 15
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Disclaimer: While I do not mind if these scripts are used in things you sell, I do not wish for these scripts to be sold either on their own or in script packs.
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