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Sound on Touch
on 2008/4/1 8:11:19 (15772 reads)

Plays a single Sound file once when Touched. Sound file must be in prim with script.

  0   Script ID : 14
Easy Object Rotation
on 2008/4/1 8:08:54 (10880 reads)

Object rotation with speed and direction settings you can easily adjust to get your desired effect.

  0   Script ID : 13
Scrolling Texture Smooth
on 2008/4/1 8:06:30 (12963 reads)

Will make textures on all sides of prim scroll, like a news ticker or a waterfall.

  0   Script ID : 12
Group Key Finder
on 2008/4/1 0:30:00 (3760 reads)

Touch to get the object's Group Key.

  0   Script ID : 20
Open Group Join Script
on 2008/4/1 0:30:00 (16196 reads)

This script will give Touchers a link to the Group's Information window, where they can click the JOIN GROUP button.

Now includes separate version for Touch or Collision with object!

  0   Script ID : 21
Group Add Request
on 2007/1/22 5:21:22 (10037 reads)

This script can do two things: It will make a list of all that Touch it, except the owner, and it can Instant Message owner the name of each person Touching as it happens...

  0   Script ID : 11
Landmark Giver
on 2006/12/15 7:02:56 (14644 reads)

I made the following script for my store. It tells the Owner how many Landmarks have been given away when the owner Touches the object.

  0   Script ID : 10
Donation Box
on 2006/10/17 2:10:00 (20142 reads)

I've seen this script in Freebie packs all the time, and it's always wrong. It doesn't correctly show how much has been collected so far. I assume it's because it is an old script and SL may have changed since. Either way, this is my own version, and it works.

  0   Script ID : 9
Give Inventory
on 2006/10/16 16:38:41 (20221 reads)

Use this script to give an inventory item when the object is Touched to the avatar touching.

  0   Script ID : 8
One Object Vendor 1.0
on 2006/10/15 18:32:17 (11753 reads)

This is simple yet helpful. When touched it will tell the owner how many have been sold and how much total has been made by this vendor.

  0   Script ID : 7
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Disclaimer: While I do not mind if these scripts are used in things you sell, I do not wish for these scripts to be sold either on their own or in script packs.
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