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Location Finder
on 2006/10/15 18:12:01 (4628 reads)

When object is rezzed or touched it will say the vector cordinates for the object's location.

  0   Script ID : 6
Loop Sound
on 2006/10/14 1:34:07 (15744 reads)

Place a sound and this script in an object and it will play the sound looped.

  0   Script ID : 5
Texture Changer
on 2006/10/13 5:20:15 (29255 reads)

Drop up to 10 different textures into an object and this script. It will change to the next texture automatically.

  0   Script ID : 4
Random Color
on 2006/10/12 15:43:15 (14646 reads)

This is a real simple, yet cool script. I've listed two versions below. The first will change colors in a single prim and the other is for multiple prims that are linked together.

  0   Script ID : 3
Poseball Script
on 2006/10/9 4:22:02 (32224 reads)

Drop an animation and this script into an object to create a "poseball."

  0   Script ID : 2
AV Key Finder
on 2006/10/9 3:52:19 (16473 reads)

If for whatever reason you need to retrieve an avatar's UUID Key, just drop this script into any object and "touch."

  0   Script ID : 1
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Disclaimer: While I do not mind if these scripts are used in things you sell, I do not wish for these scripts to be sold either on their own or in script packs.
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