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Reset Everything (Deletes Itself)
on 2010/5/12 5:23:38 (3422 reads)

Resets float text, object rotate, texture animation, sit-target, & much more.

  0   Script ID : 42
Get SLurl
on 2009/5/28 4:33:44 (3256 reads)

Returns exact SLurl link for object.

  0   Script ID : 29
Easy Object Rotation
on 2008/4/1 8:08:54 (10723 reads)

Object rotation with speed and direction settings you can easily adjust to get your desired effect.

  0   Script ID : 13
Location Finder
on 2006/10/15 18:12:01 (4683 reads)

When object is rezzed or touched it will say the vector cordinates for the object's location.

  0   Script ID : 6

Disclaimer: While I do not mind if these scripts are used in things you sell, I do not wish for these scripts to be sold either on their own or in script packs.
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