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Tip Jars : Tipping Pictures Help
on 2009/2/17 13:10:00 (4143 reads)
Tip Jars

Copyable Tipping Pictures
Complete Instructions & Help

General Use
Setup Instructions
About the Configuration Notecard
Helpful Tips & FAQ's
Updates Changelog

NOTE: The default setting is to only allow members of the same Group to login to the Tip Pics. Have the group active while rezzing or change the object's group in EDIT under General tab. You can turn off the Group-Only feature in setup.

_____General Use__________________________

Owner sets out multiple Tip Pics. Employees log in to them and set their picture. (If Page feature enabled, Employees can set their Availability.)

Avatars pay money to Tip Pics and money first goes to object owner, then is paid to logged employee.

If the owner wishes, a percentage of the funds can be given to extra owners or remain with object owner from every tip collected.

Employee can Touch the Object at any time to see how much they have earned. The object owner or any extra owners can Touch a logged Tip Pic to see how much they have earned personally since the employee logged in.

When the employee is offline in Second Life the Tipping Picture will show their image as grayed. When they are online, it will be full brightness. (You can disable this feature in setup.)

When finished using Tip Pic the logged employee can log out. Tip Pics can also be set to Auto Log out when the user leaves, so another employee may use.

_____Setup Instructions_____________________

Rez a copy of the Tipping Pic somewhere.

Open the object in EDIT. Click on "More>>" to reveal tabs and click on the "Content" tab.

Edit the Access List and Configuration Notecards inside the object.

You should see a pop-up dialog menu asking if you should "Reset" or "Cancel." Choose "Reset" if ready for your new settings to take effect. (You can also Touch and choose "Reset" from owner menu at any time.)

You will be asked for permission to "Take Lindens from you? Click yes. This allows the script to pay the employee and/or extra owners when tipped.

Touch the object for more owner options by Menu.

Resize the object as you like.

Take a Copy to your inventory to Rez more with the same settings.

_____About the Configuration Notecard_________
Do not remove any lines, even if you are not using them.


Your custom message to the tipper.
ThankYouMessage=Thanks for the tip!
*Do NOT use any special characters. Only use alpha-numeric and basic punctuation , . !

How to deliver Thank You message? (IM, WHISPER, SAY, SHOUT)

Give a notecard when somebody Touches? (must be in object)
* Only the object owner can replace this notecard and set the name above. This is very useful for pricing information for services offered.

Enable Paging System? (Set TRUE for yes.)
* This option will allow users and owners to Page employee which sends a Message alerting them that they are being paged by whom and where.

Display employee's Profile link to Toucher?
* Allows the user to see an employee's SL Profile by clicking a link in Local Chat.

If Set TRUE the object name will change to reflect the current user. FALSE will always keep name same.
*EXAMPLE: "Alicia Stella's Tip Jar" with namechange true or "Tip Jar" if namechange false.


This will be the image on object when not logged in. (Use your logo, etc.)
* To find your texture key, right-click a texture in your Inventory and select "Copy Asset UUID" and then paste it.

Should Object turn Gray when user Offline?

Display Floating Text above the object? (FALSE for no)
* If you choose not to display floating text the next 7 settings can be ignored.

If set TRUE you may replace "Name's Tipping Pic" with your own text.
CustomText=Any Text Here!

Set FALSE to not show Online Status of user in floating text.
* Will show if user ONLINE/OFFLINE in SL and if Page feature enabled will show their Availability.

Set FALSE to not show how much collected in floating text.

Show the last tipper & amount in floating text.
*You must also have ShowLastDonation=TRUE to show the name

The color of the Floating Text when in use.
FloatTextColor=<1.0, 1.0, 1.0>
* Use the "Color Finder" included with your Tip Pic.


Allow people on Access List notecard? (Add names to other note.)
*You can have up to 60 names of avatars to allow to login to the tip pic. This can be used with Group-Mode or by itself.

Allow members of same group? (FALSE for anybody or just the Access List if enabled above)
*Set the Group you wish to use in EDIT under the GENERAL tab. Then users must have that same group active to login to pics.
*If you have Access List disabled and Group disabled, then anyone would be allowed to login to an empty pic.

Set this TRUE to empty the pic when employee logs off SL or goes farther than the range in meters set below.
*When TRUE this feature will automatically logout a user when they leave.

If Auto-Logout is set to TRUE: Distance in meters in all directions that employee will be logged out if they exceed. (96 is the most and 5 is the least)


You can edit the Fast Pay button amounts here. (Put 1 to 4 numbers separated by commas.)
*These are the 4 preset buttons users see when paying the object.
*The Any Amount box is where you type any amount. If you set FALSE, users must use a preset button only.

Assign extra owners by putting their UUID keys here. Owners can log out employees and can earn a percentage of tips (optional, set amounts next.)
*To get UUID keys, use the included "Key Finder" object and have the extra owner Touch it. It will say their key and you can copy it from the Local Chat History.

Split 100 between the logged in employee and any extra owners listed above. (Any remaining percentage will stay with object owner.)

*The employee is the current avatar that has their name floating above the tip jar.
*Do not remove the percentage lines above. If you are not using them set to 0.
*Anything left after employee and extra owners get their cut stays with object owner so you do not have to specify your amount.

// SERVER SETTINGS // INFO: http://www.asdwebtools.com/tipping.php

If using the ASD Tipping Server (sold separately,) please specify channel here. (Leave 0 for no server use.)

Categories are defined using Tipping Server and must be one word, Case Sensitive. (Leave NONE for no category.)


You may resize the object as needed.

See above for using your own Custom Floating Text, text colors, displaying your own logo when not in use, and more from the "Configuration" notecard.

_____Helpful Tips & FAQ's____________________

If your Tip Pics are not working:

• Check to be sure you have permission to Run Scripts on the land parcel. Be sure the object is set to the right group if only Group is allowed to Run Scripts.

• Open object in EDIT and click on TOOLS at very top of screen, then choose "Reset Scripts in Selection."

Deeded Tip Pics will not work correctly.

Q: How do I setup Percentages with other owners in a product?

Q: How do I get the money out of my donation box or tip jar?



• Commas will be stripped out of custom thank you and custom floating text to prevent script errors.

• Other bug-fixes added to help tip jars run more smoothly.

• Individual staff member percentages added when using ASD Tipping Server, set through Web Tools. Requires the updated Tip Jars as well as Tipping Server version 1.2 (or higher).


• Name Change option added to Configuration. Allows objects to rename themselves when user logs in or always keep name same. EXAMPLE: "Alicia Stella's Tip Jar" with namechange true or "Tip Jar 5.5" if namechange false.

• "Empty" text uses custom text color now.

• Tipping Server Integration.

• Bug fixed in Tipping Pictures that allowed anyone to drop in items sometimes.

• Tipping Pictures now has option to use SL Profile Picture instead of using a texture.


• Converted to MONO.

• Percentage Split much easier to setup.

• Dialog Menu on Login to jar

• Improved Employee Touch Menu with more options.

• Employee can choose Pay Notification method from IM, Dialog, Both, or None.

• Customizable "Thank you" message to tipper

• New Options for Thank you message: IM, Whisper, Say, or Shout

• Can now edit "empty" label text

• Can disable 'Any Amount' box from Pay Presets

• Object names can be changed and version number is in object name

• Devices will not become active until Owner grants Pay Permissions.

• Tipping Pictures now have Auto Log Out. And ability to turn off Gray when Offline.


MAY 2007 - VER 4.0 UPDATE

SEPTEMBER 2006 - Product Release

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