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Camp Stuff : Paying Model Stand Help
on 2008/4/18 23:27:14 (1945 reads)
Camp Stuff

Paying Model Stand
Complete Instructions & Help

Do not use this to inflate traffic rating. More Info

General Use
Setup Instructions
About the Configuration Notecard
Helpful Tips & FAQ's

_____General Use__________________________

Owner sets out and configures. Avatars sit and earn L$ from the object owner for their time and work.

Owner may Touch object at any time for an Owner-Only Menu to Turn On/Off, Reset, Unsit the current user (they will be paid for time earned,) and check for new product Updates.

To change the animations, simply drag your new ones into the Object and then delete or remove any old animations from the inventory. You may have up to 21 total.

_____Setup Instructions_____________________

Rez the object somewhere.

Open object in EDIT. Under the CONTENTS TAB open the notecard entitled "Configuration."

Change the settings in the notecard, (see below,) and SAVE. Close Edit.

The object should reset automatically, (You can also Touch and choose "Reset" from owner menu.)

IF USING PAY MODE: Once loaded you will see a drop-down dialog message saying the object wants to "Take Lindens from you? Click yes. This allows the script to pay the users what they earn.

_____About the Configuration Notecard_________

Below is more information about the settings found in the notecard within the object.


Set to FALSE for non-paying use
**If FALSE the object will not pay or display floating text, but all security settings still apply.

How much to pay?
**Amount in Linden Dollars to pay per the amount of minutes you set below.

for how many minutes?
**Minutes avatar must stay to earn the amount above.

Most $L they can make before Un-Sat:
**After avatar earns this amount they will be unsat.


Adjust these for where the user sits in relation to object.
**These 2 advanced settings are very useful if using your own objects.
**SitTarget determines where the avatar is placed. The default is <0,0,1> which is 1 meter Above the center of the object. If your avatar is too tall and their legs stick into object you may try <0,0,1.5>, which is half a meter higher.
**SitRotation sets the direction facing of avatars. Default is <0,0,0> which is no rotation. If using own objects and avatar is rotated oddly, play with this setting. Here are valid examples: <0,0,-45> | <0,90,0> | <45,22,0> etc.

Name of your Object, what is your object?
ObjectName=Model Stand
**This will be used in floating text, IM's, and the object name.

Set your Sit Text label here. (Default is 'Sit Here' in pie menu)

Display Floating Text above object? (FALSE for no text.)
**If no text shown, users check their earnings by Touching object.
**Set this FALSE for staff use so others will not know it pays.

The color of Floating Text when displayed.
FloatTextColor=<1.0, 1.0, 1.0>
**You can use the included Color Finder object to get a color vector.

Rotation Speed? (NONE, SLOW, NORMAL, or FAST)


Allow ONLY people on Access List notecard? (Add names to other note.)
**If TRUE users MUST BE ON ACCESS LIST and must go through any other security checks set below.

Put TRUE for group members only (same as object.)
**A great way to increase your Group Memberships!

Custom Message when Touched in Group Mode. (If FALSE a URL to Join your Group will be used instead.)
CustomJoinText=IM a staff member to be added to group.
**You would only need to use this if your Group is NOT Open Enrollment. That way you can explain by which means people may join your group.

Put TRUE for only avatars that have your place in their profile picks.
**The more avatars that have your place in their Picks the higher your place's ranking will be in the SL Search.
**Note that it can take up to 24-48 hours for a New Pick to appear in the Search, so your users will need to wait the first time they add your place.

If PicksUse is True you must specify the parcel key.
**To find your parcel key: Search ALL tab in Second Life Search for your place. Scroll down to the bottom of your place's page, (past the 'Objects Found Here' section.) At the bottom you will see 'Link to this Page' and a url. The last part of that url is your parcel key. -Help finding your Parcel Key.

Help prevent bot abuse with CAPTCHA verify.
**When TRUE users must select a random word displayed in Floating Text from a list in a popup dialog box to start earning.

Minimum age in Months avatar must be to use. (Leave 0 for no minimum, 12 is max.)
**This feature is good if you are using Profile Picks feature. Young avatars' Picks do not count in SL Search.

Avatars older than this many months cannot use. (Leave 0 for no maximum, 24 is max.)

Set TRUE if avatar must have Pay Info on File/Used.
**Pay Info means that the user has been or is now a SL Premium member.

If TRUE will Unsit avatars when they are Away or Busy.
**If TRUE it will only check if user is Away or Busy once every interval.
**It cannot check when they first sit.


If using the ASD Camper Server (sold separately,) please specify channel here. (leave 0 for no server use.)
**If you own the Camper Server, it should have given you a channel number during setup. You may also Touch the server and select CHANNEL from owner menu to find it.


Open the Object in EDIT and go to the CONTENT tab. Drop in your animations and delete/remove any ones you do not want. You may have between 1 and 21 animations. (If only 1 animation inside object there will not be an animation dialog menu for users.) If no animations in object, default SL sit will be used.

• You can change the color/textures in EDIT under the TEXTURE tab.

• It is possible to use your own object. First move all scripts and other contents from object to your Inventory. Than move all items from your Inventory to the new object. Reset Scripts before first use.

_____Helpful Tips & FAQ's____________________

• If your object is not working:

-Check to be sure you have permission to run scripts on the land parcel and be sure the object is set to the right group if needed.

-Open object in EDIT and click on TOOLS at very top of screen, then choose "Reset Scripts in Selection."

• Deeded objects will not work correctly.

Do not use this to inflate traffic rating. More Info


AUGUST 2009 - ver 3.6 UPDATE

• No Pay mode bug fixed.

• Show/Hide Floating Text bug fixed.

DECEMBER 2008 - ver 3.5 UPDATE

• Converted to MONO. Runs smoother.

• New Maximum Age option will not let older avatars camp. Set anywhere between 1 and 24 months. Set 0 for none.

• New and Improved Anti-Bot Verification now uses Floating Text and 3 times as many shuffled words to select from. Users will need to read the dropdown dialog menu and also see the Floating Text on the object to start earning.

• Objects can now be renamed and now include version number in object name.

• Animations Permission bug.

• Touch Start bug.

AUGUST 2008 - ver 3.0 UPDATE

• Profile Picks Support! When enabled Campers must have Place in their Profile Picks to earn!

• When Picks mode on, users can Touch for Help on getting parcel into picks and to check their Picks & see if they are eligible.

• When Group mode on, can now say Group Join URL in chat when Touched -or- use a custom message to Toucher for how to Join Group if not Open Enrollment.

• Anti Bot Verification Improved and now is a form of CAPTCHA that requires user to select a word from a list to start earning or they will be unsat. Words in list are sorted randomly to confuse bots but are simple for real people to understand.

• Minimum Age option allows you to set in Months how old campers must be at least.

• Disallow Campers to be AWAY option.

• Disallow Campers to be BUSY option.

• Will ask owner for confirmation before Reseting after an Inventory Change.

• Shows progress amount in floating text while loading.

• Various bugfixes that reduce lag.

• All Camp Products are also now ready to work with the new ASD Camper Server, sold separately.

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