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Teleporters : Pay Teleporter Help
on 2008/11/6 2:30:00 (4478 reads)

Pay Teleporter with Security Orb
Complete Instructions & Help

• 1. Quick Setup Instructions
• 2. Configuration Settings
• 3. Security Orb Settings
• 4. General Use Instructions
• 5. FAQ and Common Problems
• 6. Updates Changelog

These Teleporters will take avatars a maximum of 4000 meters and within the same sim same only.


~1. Rez 'Return Teleporter' at destination.
~Copy channel number it says in chat.

~2. Rez 'Security Orb' at destination. (optional)
~Edit 'Configuration' note inside orb.

~3. Rez 'Pay Teleporter' at starting location.
~Edit 'Access List' note inside first.
~Edit 'Configuration' note inside last.

Do not use Orb when using 'No Occupied' mode.
Touch PayTP and select "Reset" if any problems.
Continue reading below for specific instructions.


Open the "Pay Teleporter" and find the notecard named "Access List." Here you can add up to 60 names of people that can use for free. (Also you may set a Group for free access in Config, see below.)

If you are using the "Security Orb," (see below,) then the Access List will also be for avatars that will never be ejected. (The object owner(s) can never be ejected regardless.)

Open the Pay Teleporter and find the notecard called "Configuration." Here are the main settings. It may take a minute, but the Pay Teleporter should reset automatically after you save this notecard.

______Configuration Notecard Help_______


Rez Return Teleporter at destination and copy the number it says.
~This number should be the same in this notecard and also the Security Orb when in use. So that all 3 items can communicate on the same channel. Please note that each time you rez a "Return Teleporter" the channel will change.

DestinationTitle=Private Skybox
~This is what you would like to call the destination location and is used in Floating Text.

If TRUE members of same group as object will be able to use for free. Set to FALSE for access list and owners only for free.
~Set your Group in EDIT, under GENERAL tab. Members must have Tag active before Touching PayTP to use.

If TRUE pay options are hidden and only access list, owners, and group (if set above) can use free and no one else is permitted.
~This makes it a Staff-Only Teleporter. Staff can Teleport free or use rental option. Orb CAN be used with this mode to keep out intruders.

How many seconds do the user/guests have to Teleport after paying?
~This is how many seconds users have to teleport.

To not use the Occupied/Vacancy feature put FALSE here.
~When FALSE people can always pay to go to the destination and it never turns Red and goes Occupied. When not using Occupied mode the orb will be turned off automatically and not used.

Users Can Pay to 'Add More Time' in Occupied Mode?
~While users are at the destination they can pay more money to continue their rental time when this setting is TRUE.

RENTAL OPTIONS (If Occupied Mode TRUE above)

How many Payment/times choices? (Up to 4 total, set below)
~You can have up to 4 different prices/times. If you are not using Occupied mode however you can only have 1 price and time limit will be ignored by the script.

Rental max times in minutes. (Do not remove unused lines.)


Pay prices in Linden Dollars. Do not remove unused lines.
~You may put 0 for only PayPrice1 to have a free rental time.
~If you have only 1 rental time and set for 0 it is a free to use teleporter
~If you have multiple rental times with PayPrice1 set to 0, it is like a 'preview' or 'free sample' choice!

To split Linden dollars with up to 3 more addtional avatars, specify their keys and percentages here, excluding the object owner. (Any remaining funds stay with object owner):

~Do not remove the percentage lines above, even if you are not using them. If you have extra owners, you will be asked to click "Yes" to allow the object to "Take Lindens from you? Click yes. This allows the script to pay the extra owners.
~To find the keys of your added owners rez the included "Key Finder" and have the avatar Touch it. The key will be said in chat and can be copied from Chat History.
~TIP: If not using percentage splitting you can still add keys here for managers that can Teleport free and also Turn the object ON/OFF. Just set the OwnerPercentage for that person to 0 and they will not be paid a percent but still have rights.


If you do not need any security settings or if you are not using Occupied Mode than you should not have a Security Orb in use.

You will need to place the Security Orb in the center of the destination location. If it is on Group-Owned land you will need to DEED the Orb to that group for it to work properly.

You can use the included texture to make your Orb invisible. If you need to see it just press CTRL+ALT+T to make transparent objects visible.

Remember that the owner of the Pay Teleporter, names on the Access List in the Pay Teleporter, and Group members with tag active (if Group option True in Config) will never be ejected.

Q: I have tried everything but still cannot get Eject to work with the Pay Teleporter and Security Orb! Help please?

___Security Orb Configuration Notecard Help___

Rez Return Teleporter at destination and copy the number it says.
~This number should be the same in this notecard and also the Pay Teleporter.

How many square meters to scan for avatars? (between 1 and 96)
~This will scan in a spherical range, meaning it will scan above, below, and all around the sphere so try and keep it in the center of the room.

How often to scan for avatars? (in seconds, less often reduces lag)
~This should be less than 60 for best performance.

When Pay Teleporter not in use Eject all intruders? (FALSE for only when rental time expires)
~Employees will never be ejected. Have this set to TRUE to keep out people that do not pay.

FALSE will Eject users to nearest parcel. TRUE will send them to their own 'Home' location.
~If set to TRUE it will eject users to their Home or to a Linden location if they do not have a home location set. If FALSE users will be ejected to the nearest parcel. (Please note that if the user is not allowed in your neighboring parcel they may not be ejected at all. In this case you should set this setting to TRUE.)

TRUE will set Pay Teleporter back to Vacant before rental time is up if renter leaves for too long (about 5 times the scan rate.)
~This is handy for freeing up the destination for more customers if the previous one has left. But if the paying user leaves and their guests remain and Secuity Sweep is True above they will be ejected.

After you save your settings for the Security Orb you will need to reset the Pay Teleporter. To reset just Touch Pay Teleporter and select "Reset" from owner menu or it will also reset automatically after you make changes to the Access List or Configuration inside the Pay Teleporter.


Users can pay to travel to the destination and Staff can use for free.

If Occupied mode is on, no one else will be able to use teleporter, until the time has expired or the current user returns/leaves.

If Occupied mode is not on, users may continuosly pay to teleport and the Pay Teleporter is always green and available for new paying guests.

The Object owner and up to 3 additional owners can Touch the Pay Teleporter for a dialog menu with some controls. Owners can Turn the unit On or Off from the menu. The object owner can also check for product Updates and Reset from the menu as well.

Up to 60 of your staff members or friends can be added to the Access List and Group members can be allowed as well inside the Pay Teleporter so they can Teleport for free at any time. Even when the unit is Occupied. And of course Staff members will never be ejected.

To set a rental for other avatars not on list an owner or staff member can select "Use Rental" from Touch Menu. Then select "For Another" button from menu. You will be directed to say the avatar's name in chat and select the time from available options. (Avatar must be in sim to begin rental.)


If after setup and you have any problems at all you should try the following steps until it works:

~Touch the Pay Teleporter and select "Reset" from menu.

~Reset the Scripts in the Return Teleporter to force a new channel to be selected. Then copy this new channel to the Security Orb first, (if in use,) and then the Pay Teleporter Configuration notecards. (To reset the scripts in the Return Teleporter make sure you have the black base object open in EDIT and at the top of the screen open the TOOLS menu and choose "Reset Scripts in Selection." Do not accidentally reset the orange telepad object and you can delete that object, but keep the base.)

If Eject is not working:
Make sure if on Group Owned land the Security Orb is DEEDED to same group. (Do not deed the other objects.)
~Check to be sure the channel is same in both Configuration notecards.
~Rental Times must be a minimum of 5 minutes for orb to work properly, (even free rentals.)

Q: I have tried everything but still cannot get Eject to work with the Pay Teleporter and Security Orb! Help please?

If Percentage Splitting is not working:
When the Pay Teleporter resets and percent splitting is in use, the object owner MUST click Yes to a popup dialog box that asks if this object can take money from you.
~Be sure you have the other owners correct keys in Configuration.

Q: How do I setup Percentages with other owners in a product?

Q: Return Teleporter says 'Please Wait...' but never finishes loading?

These Teleporters will take avatars a maximum of 4000 meters and within the same sim same only.


NOVEMBER 2008 - ver 5.0 UPDATE

• Converted to and Optimized for MONO. (Much better performance.)

• 4000 METER LIMIT! Max teleport distance raised from 750 to 4000 meters. (Still must be within same sim.)

• Now you can Accept Real Life CREDIT CARDS! - Alicia Stella Design is now the first Content Creator in SL to offer a product that can accept VISA/MASTERCARD. This is thanks to CardBiller which is easy to sign up for and works like PayPal but for Virtual Worlds! *Read more about CardBiller below. And see the included note for help with setup.

• FREE use by anyone setting! Now 1 of your rental times can be set to FREE (0). The first rental option is the only price you may set to 0 at this time. - If only using 1 price this now gives you a free-use teleporter with or without Occupied. - If using more than 1 rental time you can now use the first rental time for a 'preview' or 'Open House', 'free sample' choice!

• Manual Mode, lets Owners and Staff start a rental for any other avatar or still for themselves. (Select "Use Rental" from Menu and now you can choose "For Myself" or "For Another." Avatar name is said in Chat by staff member on private channel.)

• Telepads will not let you Teleport until finished loading coordinates. Previously if a user Touched a telepad while it still said "Please wait..." in hover text they would be sent to corner of sim. Now if you click before finished loading it whispers to try again in a couple seconds.

• Dialog Menus Improved, and new button added (when certain features in use) named "Guest Menu." This option will show you the same Dialog Menu your users (non-staff) see and can help you test your settings.

• Security Orb scripts have been improved. A bug that allowed Group members access after being booted from group or without tag has been fixed as well as other orb bugs.

• You can now rename your Pay Teleporter objects. This is handy to tell the difference between units in your Transaction History on the SL website.

• Better Configuration loading.

JUNE 2008 - ver 4.5 UPDATE

• Major Bugs fixed that were causing scripts to completely stop working over time. Also better communication between Orb and PayTP now in place.

• Now Group members can be allowed to use the object free in addition to access list and owner(s).

• Employees can choose between simply Teleporting to destination or using the Rental option with the Occupied feature, by selecting a time from list.

• New 'RestrictedUseOnly' mode turns off all Pay functions allowing only employees to use object. (Replacing the GROUP TELEPORTER WITH OCCUPIED product.)

• "Allow Guests" has been removed from product because of conflicts with new SL changes. Teleport Window time can still be adjusted for how long the user and/or guests have to teleport to destination.

• Individual Percentages for Owners: Set each of your added owners to any percents you want in Configuration.

• Extra Owners are automatically added to Access List for Orb.

• 'End Rental Early' mode added to Orb configuration. When TRUE it will end the rental if the user leaves the area before the time is up, freeing it up for new users. Or when left FALSE it will not end rental until the time runs out.

• Orb now turns Off when Pay Teleporter is turned 'Off' or in 'No Occupied' mode.

• 'End Rental' button added to Owners menu. Owners can end the current rental by selecting this if object is occupied.

• When user collides with or Touches Pay Teleporter it no longer resets to Vacant automatically. Now the user is given a dialog menu with the options to "End Rental", "Continue" rental, or "Teleport" back to destination, (if time is remaining on rental of course.)

• More warnings have been added for when rental time is running out at destination. In addition to existing 2 minute warnings by Orb (when in use,) the Return Teleporter now also says warnings in general chat and IM's the paying user at 10 mins, 5 mins, and 1 minute remaining.

JANUARY 2008 - VER 2.5 - Product Update

APRIL 2007 - VER 2.0 - Product Update

AUGUST 2006 - VER 1.0 - Product Release

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