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Teleporters : Which Teleporter do I Buy?
on 2008/4/18 23:58:30 (3256 reads)

What are the differences between teleporters?
Distance limitations and restrictions

There are three (3) main types of teleporters from Alicia Stella Design: Short Range, Longer Range, and Map Teleporters. The major difference between them is how far they can take an avatar. See the restrictions/limitations for each style below as well as the products we offer.

Short Range Teleporters
These teleporters can only take avatars to up to 300 meters max in any direction and only within the same sim. It cannot cross sim lines. These are best suited for locations within a single building or small area such as your home, office, or a courtyard.

Wall Mounted Teleporters
-Copyable Basic Teleporters
Basic Teleporter Set

-Copyable Group Teleporters
Group Teleporter Set

-Copyable Multiple Location Teleporter

Single Multiple Location Teleporter

Longer Range Teleporters
These can take avatars up to 4000 meters at the most and only in the same sim. You cannot travel across sim lines. These are perfect for really high up skyboxes or from going from one corner of a sim to the other.

-Copyable Long Range Teleporter - Group and Anyone

-Copyable Pay Teleporters with Occupied/Vacant

Single Set Pay Teleporters with Occupied/Vacant

Map Teleporters
Map Teleporters can take an avatar anywhere in Second Life that a Landmark can go. Touching the teleporter brings up a Teleport button dialog to travel to destination without having to give a landmark to the user. To set these up you need only to drop
valid landmarks into the object. Some common problems with these is that if the destination parcel has a predefined "landing spot" it may override your desired destination.

-Copyable Map Teleporter

Single Map Teleporter

-Copyable Multi Location Map Teleporter

Single Multi-Location Map Teleporter

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