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FAQ : Floating Tip Jars Not Floating
on 2008/4/19 23:01:22 (1671 reads)

Q: Why do my Floating Tip Jars sink into the ground instead of float?

There are two reasons why this may be happening:

1. You cannot take a Floating Tip Jar to your Inventory while it is floating. It should only be taken to Inventory while it is not in use. You can rez a new one from original box and start over if this is the case.

2. Your sim must have "Collisions and Physics Enabled."

This can be done through the "Region/Estate" window. Only the sim owner or assigned "Estate Managers" have the ability to change the settings for the Estate.

From the "World" section at top of screen select "Region/Estate..." and in the Estate window go to the "Debug" tab.

Once there, if any of the 3 check boxes are checked, un-check them and click the "Apply" button. Scripts, Collisions, and Physics must all be enabled for this product to work correctly.

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