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Gadgets & Misc : Online Status Mailbox Help
on 2008/4/20 17:51:06 (1645 reads)
Gadgets & Misc

Online Status Mailbox
Complete Instructions & Help

___General Use___

Set the mailbox out somewhere. It will display your Online Status.

A menu will drop down and ask whether or not to Turn IM on.

If you choose "Turn IM On" people will be able to Touch the mailbox to send you a little message with their name. They will only be allowed to do this once a day so you are not bothered by somebody.

If you do not wish to receive messages, select "Turn IM Off."

You can change this setting any time by Touching the object yourself.


You may change the Textures/Colors in EDIT. Check the Edit Linked Parts or Select Texture boxes in EDIT to select individual parts. You will not be able to change the Falg color, it will change after a few seconds back to Green.

You will have trouble if you attempt to move the scripts to another object or unlink the mailbox. There is an important script inside the Flag object.

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