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Gadgets & Misc : Parcel Station Changer Help
on 2008/4/20 17:55:38 (1770 reads)
Gadgets & Misc

Simwide Multi Parcel Station Changer
Complete Instructions & Help

___General Use___

Authorized users can set the Music URL in multiple parcels from one object.

Users Touch MAIN object. If they are on the Access list, they can select a Preset station from menu, use a new station said in Chat, or revert all parcels to their individual Defaults.

___Setup Instructions___

1. Set out the object named "Parcel Station Controller (MAIN)" and open it in EDIT. Click on "More>>" to reveal tabs and click on the "Content" tab. Open the notecard called "Configuration" and edit the settings inside, (see below.) Save notecard and close all windows. Object should reset automatically. It will take about a full minute to load.

2. Set out 1 copy of the object named "Parcel Station Changer (SECONDARY)" in each of the parcels you wish to control from the MAIN object. You also can edit the "Configuration" notecard inside this object, (see more below.)

NOTE: If this is on Group-Owned land you will need to Deed the SECONDARY objects. (You will not need to Deed the Main object.)

That's it! You should be able to control all the parcels' stations from the Main object.

IMPORTANT: Be sure you have a copy of the SECONDARY object in every parcel you wish to control, including the parcel containing the MAIN object.

___About the Configuration Notecards___

--MAIN object Configuration--

Who can use this station changer? Separate with commas.
AccessList=Alicia Stella, Rocky Merosi

Enter Channel to Listen for Main Station Changer on.
It is strongly reccomended that you change the channel.
Select any number you want, and be sure to change it to match in the Secondary objects as well. You should definitely change it if you share your sim with others in case they have this or another device on same channel.

Enter your Presets for up to 10 Frequently used Stations:

This will be your button text for the Touch Menus.

The station URL for the name you stated just above.

Same thing for Station Presets 2 through 9.

--SECONDARY object Configuration--

Enter the default Music URL for this parcel.
When a user with access selects "DEFAULTS" from the Touch Menu at the MAIN object this is the station that this parcel will switch to. Every parcel can therefore have its own Default station and all be different.

Enter Channel to Listen for Main Station Changer on.
Be sure this number matches the one in your MAIN object.



You can use any objects you have Modify rights to. Just copy the scripts and Configuration notes to a folder in your Inventory first and then transfer them into an object. Be sure to move the Configuration notecard first and then the scripts.

You can modify the shape, size, or textures & colors of the original objects if you like as well.

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