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Gadgets & Misc : Suggestion Boxes Help
on 2009/5/23 3:40:00 (3309 reads)
Gadgets & Misc

Suggestion Box (all styles)
Complete Instructions & Help

___General Use___

Visitors Touch to receive Instructions Note (blank suggestion form,) and after filling it out they Drop it into the Suggestion Box. (Only notecards are accepted, all other items will be deleted.)

It can be set to IM the owner when new suggestions are received. When suggestions are available, the owner or anyone added to Access List can Touch for a Menu and Get all notes, delete all notes, and more options.

___Setup Instructions___

Set your Suggestion box out. Open it in EDIT and click on "More>>" to reveal the tabs. Under the "Content" tab open the notecard named "Configuration."

Edit the settings in the "Configuration" notecard, (see below.) When finished Save the note and close all windows. The object should reset automatically. If it does not, click on the object and select "Reset" from the dropdown menu.

After the object resets it will ask you if you wish to receive IM Notifications? If you would like to be notified each time a new notecard is deposited select 'Turn IM On'.

That is it! Be sure to customize the "Suggestion" notecard with information about your organization and specify your own questions.

___About the Configuration Notecard___

AccessList=Alicia Stella, Becky Farella
_____Besides the owner of the object who else can "Get Notes" and Delete Notes from Touch Menu? Employees' names separated by a commas.

_____These 3 avatar's will always get IM's to notify them if a new note has been received. You must put the avatar keys here. To get an avatar's key, rez the included "[url=http://www.aliciastella.com/modules/AMS/article.php?storyid=1]Key Finder[url]" from original product box and have avatar Touch it.

_____If TRUE text will be above the object, specify text below. If set to FALSE no Floating Text will be visible.

FloatingText1=Suggestion Box
_____The top line of floating text, if Floating text is on.

FloatingText2=Touch for Instructions
_____The 2nd line of floating text, if Floating text is on.

_____When set to TRUE, will show total number of suggestions received in the floating text, (if floating text is enabled above.)

_____The color vector of your Floating Text. Use the included "Color Finder" object to pick a color and copy what it says here. Default is white.

ThankYouText=Thank you for the suggestion! We appreciate your opinion.
_____Message object whispers after receiving a Suggestion.

_____This is the name of the notecard to give visitors that is inside the object. This will be given when visitors Touch object and is what they should fill out and drop back in.

When finished editing the 'Configuration' note, click SAVE and close. If object does not reset automatically click on it and select 'Reset' from the menu.


To use your own texture simply open object in EDIT and select a texture under the TEXTURE tab.

You may resize the object as needed.

You may also use your own object if you wish. Simply drag all the scripts and Configuration notecard from object to your inventory and then into your new object.

___Helpful Tips & FAQ's________

TIP: If for some reason you have extra garbage like landmarks or textures in the object inventory, simply choose "Reset" from the Touch menu and it will clean it up. (Don't worry all your existing notecards will remain, only other inventory types will be removed.)

TIP: Use it as a Survey or for Job Applications! From the owner Touch Menu you can select different textures for these, choose the "Texture" button. Rename your information notecard and add your survey or job related questions in it instead of suggestion info. And change the floating text and Object name too!

-- Q. Landmarks, Textures, etc. are not deleted automatically when me or my friend drop them in. Why not?

A. The object owner and anyone with Object Mod rights to the owner's objects are allowed to drop in anything. If others drop in anything other than a note it will be deleted.

-- Q. Why do I get a script error? Is it broken?

A.The script error is probablly telling you that there is no notecard with the name you specified in Configuration. Your basic blank "Suggestion" note must be inside object and must be exact name you put in the Configuration for InstructionsNote=


MAY 2009 - VER 1.2 UPDATE

• Converted to MONO.

• Added SLurl of box to IM Notifications for easy TP.

• Added 3 extra avatars to be notified by IM when message received. AV Keys can be added in Configuration.

OCTOBER 2007 - VER 1.0 - Product Release

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