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Gadgets & Misc : Simple Particle Machine Help
on 2008/4/20 18:26:15 (1576 reads)
Gadgets & Misc

Simple Particle Machines (all styles)
Complete Instructions & Help


Just rez your Simple Particle Machine somewhere and raise it up into the air.

--- Touch it to turn it on.

Adjust the height; the higher you put it in the air the wider area it will cover.

--- Touch again if you want to turn it off.

--- Only the object owner will be able to turn it on or off.

TIP: If you cannot find the object because it is semi-transparent, press CTRL+ALT+T to make transparent objects appear.

List of available Particle Machines:
Simple Snow Machine
Simple Snowflake Machine
Simple Confetti Machine with Balloons
Simple Confetti Machine with Balloons - Red,White,& Blue Edition
Simple Stars Machine - Red,White,& Blue Edition
Simple Stars Machine - Basic Edition
Simple Stars Machine - Colorful Edition
Easy Easter Egg Machine with Daisies
Simple Hearts Machine
Simple Shamrock Machine
Simple Autumn Leaves Machine
Simple Paws Machine - Basic Edition
Simple Paws Machine - Colorful Edition

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