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Gadgets & Misc : Welcome Mat Help
on 2008/5/8 14:00:00 (2541 reads)
Gadgets & Misc

Welcome Mat with Visitor Counter
Complete Instructions & Help

General Use
Setup Instructions
About the Configuration Notecard
Customizing/Advanced Options
Helpful Tips & FAQ's

NOTE: The object will not work if set to PHANTOM.

_____General Use__________________________

Send your visitors a personalized message when they walk over this object, and keep track of just how many visitors you get with this all-in-one solution!

Owner may Touch object for Owner-Only Menu. There you can see the current Visitor Count, Select a Preset Texture, Reset, Load Settings, and check for Product Updates.

_____Setup Instructions_____________________

Rez and position at the landing point of your location, or where you get the most traffic, or anywhere you want.

Open the object in EDIT/BUILD and under the CONTENTS TAB open the notecard entitled "Configuration".

Change the settings in the notecard (See Below), and SAVE. Close Edit.

Select "LOAD NOTE" from Dialog Menu to load your new settings. (They will only load when prompted by menu.)

_____About the Configuration Notecard_________

When Giving things those items Must be in object's Inventory.

_____When set to true, welcome mat will IM text of your setting to everyone that walks on the mat,

IMtext=Welcome to my store, please enjoy your stay!
_____Text the person walking on the mat will see.

_____When set to TRUE, will give notecard to everyone walking on it. (Notecard must be in contents tab to work)

_____When set to TRUE, will give landmark to everyone walking on it. (Landmark must be in contents tab to work)

_____When set to TRUE, will give texture to everyone walking on it. (Texture must be in contents tab to work)

_____When set to true, will display a blue dialog box to everyone walking on mat.

DialogText=Welcome to our store, please check out the great items we have for sale and let us know if you have any questions!
_____Text to be displayed in blue dialog box.

_____Text on button that visitor has to press to clear blue dialog box.

_____When set to TRUE, Welcome Mat will play sound file whenever anyone walks over it. (sound file must be in CONTENTS tab)

Set this to TRUE to not react to avatars with same group active as object (staff, members, etc).
_____Set the object's group in EDIT/BUILD window, under the General tab.
_____This is great to reduce spam for your staff or yourself.

Number to start visitor counter at. Good for when replacing older version. You can set the start date as well, or leave NONE to start today.
_____Perfect for when you're replacing your old counter or old version of Welcome Mat.

_____If TRUE owner gets IM every 24 hours with day's traffic report

After you change the settings in the config card, save it and close out of the edit menu. Click on the Welcome Mat and select "Load Note" to load the new settings without resetting the Visitor Counter. Select "Reset All" to load the new settings AND reset Visitor counter.

_____Customizing/Advanced Options__________

You can select one of the built-in Textures by Touching the object and selecting SET TEXTURE button.

To use your own texture open object in EDIT and select your textures and colors under the TEXTURE tab.

You may resize the object if you like, to cover a wider area.

You may also use your own object if you wish. Simply drag all the scripts and Configuration notecard from object to your inventory. Then drag the contents from your Inventory to your new object.

TIP: Set it Invisible by selecting INVISIBLE in the SET TEXTURE menu from the Owner Touch Menu, and make it very large at a Landing Point to be certain all visitors come in contact with it.

TIP: Set out multiple Welcome Mats in different areas to help inform guests of specific instructions, Rules for that area, Sales in that department, etc.

Included in your object is a script named "Custom Script." You may use this script to do something with your visitor list data. Linked Messages will be passed to this script from the main script with information like the total amount of visitors and the current avatar.

The Custom Script is full permission and you can modify it to send, store, or display the data in any you wish. There are comments to help you within the Custom Script itself.

The Custom Script is not required and can be removed to save on script count if you're not using it.

_____Helpful Tips & FAQ's____________________

If your object is not working:

• Check to be sure you have permission to run scripts on the land parcel and be sure the object is set to the right group if needed.

• Reset Scripts from Viewer's Build menu > Scripts.

• The object will not work if set to PHANTOM. You can check in EDIT under the OBJECT tab to be sure the PHANTOM box is Not checked.

NOVEMBER 2014 - ver 2.5 UPDATE

• Skip Group Members feature added: Now you can choose to not send items/messages to avatars with same group tag active as object. They will also not be counted. This is good to not spam staff members or yourself. Set in Configuration notecard.

• Starting Count and Start Date can now be set in Configuration. Great for when you replace an older version or older counter and want to keep count going.

• Better default sound file added.

• Script count reduced to lower lag.

• Other bug-fixes added.

MAY 2008 - ver 2.0 UPDATE

• Major Bug fixed that would cause Welcome Mat to stop responding completely over time.

• The end of the day is now always exactly midnight SLT (Pacific.) Even if your sim is restarted.

• New Advanced Scripting option allows you to do anything you want with collected visitor data. Visitor totals and names can be sent via Linked Messages to a full permission script included.

• Updates Checker added.

OCTOBER 2007 - VER 1.0 - Product Release

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