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Gadgets & Misc : Random Prize Giver
on 2008/8/5 0:59:15 (3392 reads)
Gadgets & Misc

Random Prize Giver
Complete Instructions & Help

General Use
Setup Instructions
About the Touch Menu
About Configuration Notecard
Helpful Tips & FAQ's
Updates Changelog

_____General Use__________________________

This object will give a random gift from within object to a random person at a time interval set by the owner or staff member.

Can be set for Group Members Only to win or allow anyone.

It should be used for events or private functions where only real avatars are present. If this device attracts bots to your land you could be in violation of Second Life's Terms of Service. More info

_____Setup Instructions_____________________

Rez a copy of the Random Prize Giver somewhere.

You will need to put some Gifts in before anything else. It can hold up to 100 different objects as your gifts. You should have Copy/Transfer rights for items, (you may set the permissions different for next owner, just as long as you have copy/trans perms yourself.) If you want to give away items of a type other than object you can place the items into a box object.

Open the object in EDIT/BUILD and go to the "Content" tab.

Open the notecard called "Configuration" and edit the settings inside for things like your Manager Access List and more, (see below.)

You should see a dialog menu asking if you should "Reset" or "Cancel." Choose "Reset" if ready for your new settings to take effect. (You can also Touch and choose "Reset" from touch menu.)

Touch the object to get the Main Menu where you can customize the settings as follows.

_____About the Touch Menu_________

Turn On - The Random Prize Giver rezzes in the off mode. Chose this button to turn it on and then off later when not in use.

Timer - Time in minutes between drawings

Range - Maximum distance a person can be away from the object to be counted in the drawing.

Group - Toggles if a person has to have same group active that the object is set to in order to be counted in drawing.

Shout - Toggles either to 'Shout' announcements or 'Say' them.

Colors - Allows you to change the color styles of the object.

The following 2 buttons in the Menu can only be seen by the object owner and not by avatars on access list:

Reset - Reloads the Configuration notecard & resets all settings.

Updates - Checks for product updates and automatically sends them to you if there is a newer version than what you are using.

_____About the Configuration Notecard_________

Below are some helpful tips for editing the "Configuration" notecard found inside your object.

Who can use the settings menu? Separate with commas. (12 max)
AccessList=Alicia Stella, Becky Farella
**This is where you will list all the people you want to be able to change the settings in the Touch Menu. These people, as well as the object owner, cannot win and will not be counted.

Who is also not allowed to win? Separate names with commas. (12 max)
BanList=Dot Vella, Herman Bernard
**This is where you can list people you do not want to be allowed to win. Names are CaSe SeNsItIvE.

Minimum number of avatars in range to find winner? (1 to 15 max)
**If the minimum number of avatars in range you set here is not reached then the Random Prize Giver will not pay out and will announce that not enough people were there to pay. It will then wait the interval time and attempt another drawing.

Should the object rotate around? (FALSE for no rotate.)
**Simply rotates the box around and around.

Show text above the object? (FALSE for no text.)
**Displays info about time between contests and the requirements to win.

Shoot particles at winner? (FALSE to turn off particles.)
**An added feature to draw attention to the winner.


Name of your group. (Object must be set to group also.)
GroupName=VIP Group
**Put your group name here. Will be used in messages and floating text.

Custom Message when Touched in Group Mode. (If FALSE a URL to Join your Group will be used instead.)
Message when people Touch object in Group Mode.
CustomJoinText=To join our group IM a staff member to be added.
**You would only need to use this if your Group is NOT Open Enrollment. That way you can explain by which means people may join your group.

When finished editing the 'Configuration' note, click SAVE and close. If object does not reset automatically click on it and select 'Reset' from the menu.


You may resize the object as needed.

To change the Color select "Colors" from the Main Menu and pick from the list.

To use your own Particle Texture simple drop a texture into the object's contents. Select Reset from Menu. To go back to the default particles, simply remove your texture from the object's inventory and Reset.

_____Helpful Tips & FAQ's____________________

The object will only be able to scan the nearest 16 avatars at very maximum of 96 meters away due to lsl limitations. Keep this in mind when you set your minimum avatars needed to find winner.

If the Random Prize Giver does not work for you, please check to make sure the land you are on allows you to run scripts and that the object is set to the correct group to do so if needed.

The owner cannot see it , but when an avatar Touches that is not on access list, they will receive instructions on how to Join Group, (if group required to win.) Have a friend or alt test this features out.

Please Note: This product no longer has Picks feature
Linden Lab no longer allows the use of profile picks to affect SL search rank. More Info


APRIL 2010 - ver 2.5 UPDATE

• Profile Picks feature has been removed from this item. I am really sorry but I have to remove it from all my products as Linden Lab no longer allows the use of profile picks to affect SL search rank. It can actually hurt your search rank to use devices that require picks. More Info

• New Policy and important information on how to use product without violating the Second Life TOS included in product box.

• Ban List Added. You can add up to 12 names in the Configuration notecard of avatars not allowed to win. (Mangers/Staff members added to the Access List also cannot win, in addition to the Ban List.)

• Three new Timer selections now available: 2, 10, and 20 minutes.

• Converted and optimized scripts for Mono.

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