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on 2008/11/13 20:20:00 (7452 reads)

ASD Affiliates Programs Guidelines

There are 2 different Alicia Stella Design Affiliates programs.

The first is a simple Products (20% Commission) Vendor. It is available free here on the SL Marketplace. There are no rules regarding this program. You can just set this up at your place and earn 20% on all sales made. See the listing for more info.

The other Official Affiliates Vendor Program information follows. This is for serious Affiliates looking to run their own business and joining the ASD family. Click Here for the listing on the SL Marketplace.


NOTICE: Any abuse or failure to remain within the program guidelines (outlined below) as determined by Alicia Stella will result in avatar being banned from using ASD Affiliates Vendors now or in the future. No refunds, fees, or losses incurred would be returned or compensated in any way.

This program may end at any time. There is no guarantee.


All pieces should be Copyable. Most are No Transfer.

180 Single Item Vendors (1 Prim Each)

1 and 8 Panel Affiliate Vendors in 10 Categories
- Tip Jars
- Donation Boxes
- Dance Furniture
- Camping Items
- Teleporters
- Gadgets & Misc
- Scripts Sets
- Prefab Sets
- Particle Machines
- All Products together
- Also includes Raffle Systems Vendor (7 unlinked prims grouped together, rez with Edit already open so you can move objects at once.)

Decor and Signs
- 3 Modifiable Wallpaper and 3 Flooring Prims
- Giftbox and Landmark Givers
- 1 'IM Alicia Stella for Help' Sign
- 2 Information Signs with Notecard Giver
- 1 Animated Sign (Great for above door)
- 1 Floor Logo Sign with Transparency (colorable)
- 1 ASD RAFFLE Horizontal Title Sign (1 prim)

Product Demos
- 9 various demo objects
Please set product demos near their related vendors.
These items are not modifiable. They are "fixed" to be demonstrations only.
Note: Tip Jars are logged automatically to Alicia Stella and Alicia will receive 60% of tips collected. You will retain the remaining 40% of tips collected. You MUST grant Pay Permission for Tip Jar demos to work.
Donation Box pays 100% to you.

Parcel Info and Logo Graphics
- Various Textures for Parcel listing or Teleport Boards
- Write-ups for Parcel Descriptions or Classifieds


To participate in this Affiliate Program you must follow these few and easy rules. Affiliate Vendor locations will be checked routinely by ASD Staff. If anything needs improvement you may be contacted by a staff member.

- RULE 1: These Affiliate Vendors are intended for use in shops and personal use is not allowed.

It is preferred that your locations for these vendors are not sharing space with other vendors. For example you can set up a shop devoted to ASD products. At very least all included signs and materials are only to be used with ASD products if set near other products for sale.

You cannot setup in a place if there already is an ASD shop there. No competition within the family please.

- RULE 2: You are representing Alicia Stella and you must take pride in your displays and make everything neat and tidy. Carelessly laid out vendors are not acceptable.

- RULE 3: If someone needs help with a product or if a product is not delivered they should be told to Instant Message Alicia Stella. Do not give refunds as you will not be reimbursed. Please be polite to customers.

Not being courteous with customers can lead to banning from all Alicia Stella Design vendors.


You will start by earning 35% Commissions.

You will not receive a commission or discount if you purchase items yourself to help prevent abuse.

Hippo Technologies, the creator of the Catalogue Vendors being used will receive 2% first after a customer makes a purchase. Then after that 65% of remainder will be paid to Alicia Stella Design and you keep the rest (35%.)

If you would like to be considered for a commission increase please IM Alicia Stella. After showing continued sales we are more than happy to increase your commission percentage. Also you can receive more demos and sales materials at that time. Please do not request an increase until after you have made sales.

NOTE: Affiliate Vendor Commissions will never exceed 50%.


All Vendors and sign objects are Modifiable and you can Resize if needed.

Click on a Vendor and select HELP from menu for a notecard on using the affiliate vendors. You can change settings such as IM sale notifications or Slideshow Inactivity modes.

Click on your Vendors and select UPDATE every once in awhile to be sure any new products get loaded!

DO NOT ever Reset the Scripts in vendors or they will break.

Please use as much of the included decor as you can. The Wallpapers and Floors really can help bring in people at malls! And always put out a Giftbox Giver at the entrance!

If you can manage it having your own parcel listing for the location is best. You can use the included textures and write-up materials for parcel info. Be sure the place is set to "Show in Search" in About Land's options.

You can create Classified ads using the Logos and write up's also.

Any kind of promotion you want to have is fine, but never suggest that you are the Home or Main location. You should always use the word "Affiliate" somewhere in your listings.


Q: Why don't I get a discount when I buy items myself?
A: That is the way HippoVEND Catalogue Vendors work and there's nothing I can do about it. It is meant to help stop abuse.

Q: Why does this Affiliate Program cost a fee to get started?
A: This is mainly to prevent abuse and to maintain affiliate network. ASD also has a free Commission vendor for the casual affiliate, but this program is for serious Affiliates. A lot of work went into preparing this package and I hope the Affiliates involved put a lot of work into using it correctly.

Q: Will you setup my Affiliate Shops for me?
A: No. I set this program up so I don't have to do that, duh.

For any questions, assistance, or suggestions IM Alicia Stella.

Click Here for the official listing on the SL Marketplace.

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