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FAQ : Security Orb Help
on 2008/11/27 3:16:14 (3433 reads)

Q: I have tried everything but still cannot get Eject to work with the Pay Teleporter and Security Orb! Help please?

If Eject is not working:

Rental Times must be 5 minutes Minimum!
Rental Times shorter than 5 minutes (including free rentals) may not be long enough for the Orb to work properly.

• Keep this simple rule in mind:
Whoever owns the land, needs to own the Security Orb.

~If you own the land, then do nothing and remain owner of orb.
~If the land is owned by a GROUP you must DEED the orb to that Group
~If the land is owned by another avatar (not you,) Give that avatar a copy of your setup orb. (Orbs are Copy/Trans.)

If the orb is not owned by the same avatar or group that owns the land it cannot eject avatars.

(Never deed any object other than orb. You must remain the object owner of the 'Pay Teleporter' and 'Return Teleporter'.)

Also, try this too!

In the orb 'Configuration' notecard:

Sometimes if the neighboring parcel doesn't allow the user or if you do not have a neighbor on a certain side of the parcel the user will not be ejected. SendHomeMode will always work and send the avatar either to their "home" location or a Linden Location if they have never set a home.

IMPORTANT: Remember that the owner of the Pay Teleporter, names on the Access List in the Pay Teleporter, and Group members with tag active (if Group option True in Config) will never be ejected.

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