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Dance Furniture : Dance Pole Help
on 2009/3/6 2:51:23 (4295 reads)
Dance Furniture

Dance Pole A
Complete Instructions & Help

Setup Instructions
About the Features
About the Configuration Notecard
Customizing/Using your own Objects
Helpful Tips & FAQ's
Updates Changelog

NOTE: The default setting is to only allow members of the same Group to dance. Have the group active while rezzing or change the object's group in EDIT under General tab. You can turn off the Group-Only feature in setup.

No matter the settings, the object owner is always allowed to dance. This includes restrictions set by Camper Server, Tipping Server, or the built-in Group and other security options.

_____Setup Instructions_____________________

Rez "Dance Pole" object somewhere.

Open the object in EDIT/BUILD and go to the "Content" tab.

Edit the Access List and Configuration Notecards inside the object and SAVE the notecards when finished, (see below for more information.)

You should see a dialog menu asking if you should "Reset" or "Cancel." Choose "Reset" if ready for your new settings to take effect. (You can also Touch and choose "Reset" from owner menu.)

If you are using Tipping or Camping you will be asked for permission to "Take Lindens from you? Click yes. This allows the script to pay users when tipped and/or for camping.

Touch the object for options by Menu.

All Done!

_____About the Features________________________

The Default settings for your dance pole out of the box will be:

- 8 animations loaded.
- Access List not in use.
- Group Only Mode is TRUE.
- Tipping is FALSE.
- Camping is FALSE.

When TRUE it will allow others to Pay the pole to Tip the dancer. The funds will go directly to you the object owner and then paid to the dancer from your account. If you wish you may keep a percent of the tip, (set in Configuration.)

You can turn the Tipping feature On and Off at any time by Touching the Pole and selecting "Tipping" from owner menu. (Setting the dancer % or adding owners can only be done by editing the Configuration notecard.)

When On the Dance Pole will pay dancers for their time dancing. Adjust your pay amount per minutes settings in the Configuration notecard, (more below.)

EMPLOYEE PAY MODE is the same as the Camping feature except it will hide all evidence that the pole is for Camping. No floating text and the dancer can check their total earned by Touching the object.

Employee Pay Mode is great when used with Group-Only Mode or Access List AND Tip Jar Feature! Pay your employees while they earn Tips!

_____About the Configuration Notecard_________
Below are some helpful tips for editing the "Configuration" notecard found inside your Dance Pole.

-----------BEGIN NOTECARD----------------------------

Adjust these for where the user sits in relation to object. (May need to change if using other animations.)
*SitTarget determines where the avatar is placed. The default is <0,0,1> which is 1 meter Above the center of the object. If your avatar is too tall and their legs stick into object you may try <0,0,1.5>, which is half a meter higher.
*SitRotation sets rotation of avatars while dancing. Default is <0,0,0> which is no rotation. If using own objects and avatar is rotated oddly, play with this setting. Here are valid examples: <0,0,-45> | <0,90,0> | <45,22,0> etc.

The color of Floating Text when displayed.
*Use the "Color Finder" included in package.

Allow ONLY people on Access List notecard? (Add names to other note.)
*You can have up to 60 names of avatars to allow to dance on object. This can be used with Group-Mode or by itself.

Put TRUE for group members only (same as object.)
*Set the Group you wish to use in EDIT under the GENERAL tab. Then users must have that same group active to start dancing.
*If you have Access List disabled and Group disabled, then anyone would be allowed to dance on the object.

Help prevent bot abuse with CAPTCHA verify.
*When TRUE users must select a random word displayed in Floating Text from a list in a popup dialog box to start dancing.

Minimum age in Months avatar must be to use. (Leave 0 for no minimum, 12 is max.)

Avatars older than this many months cannot use. (Leave 0 for no maximum, 24 is max.)

Set TRUE if avatar must have Pay Info on File/Used.
*Pay Info means that the user has been or is now a SL Premium member.

If TRUE will Unsit avatars when they are Away or Busy. (Only when using Pay/Camp Feature)
*If TRUE it will only check if user is Away or Busy once every pay interval.
*It cannot check when they first sit.

Would you like to use Tip Jar feature? (set FALSE for no)

Set TRUE to show how much collected in floating text.

Your custom message to the tipper.
ThankYouMessage=Thanks for the tip!
*Do NOT use any special characters. Only use alpha-numeric and basic punctuation , . !

How to deliver Thank You message? (IM, WHISPER, SAY, SHOUT)

You can edit the Fast Pay button amounts here. (Put 1 to 4 numbers separated by commas.)
*These are the 4 preset buttons users see when paying the object.
*The Any Amount box is where you type any amount. If you set FALSE, users must use a preset button only.

Assign extra owners by putting their UUID keys here. Owners can earn a percentage of tips (optional, set amounts next.)
*To get UUID keys, use the included "Key Finder" object and have the extra owner Touch it. It will say their key and you can copy it from the Local Chat History.

Split 100 between the Dancer and any extra owners listed above. (Any remaining percentage will stay with object owner.)

*Do not remove the percentage lines above. If you are not using them set to 0.
*Anything left after dancer and extra owners get their cut stays with object owner so you do not have to specify your amount.

If using the ASD Tipping Server (sold separately,) please specify channel here. (Leave 0 for no server use.)
*If you own the Tipping Server, it should have given you a channel number during setup. You may also Touch the server and select CHANNEL from owner menu to find it.

Categories are defined using Tipping Server and must be one word, Case Sensitive. (Leave NONE for no category.)

Would you like to pay dancers on Pole? (FALSE for no)

Use Employee mode? (FALSE shows floating text of L$ earned, TRUE will hide pay information from others)

How much to pay?
*Amount in Linden Dollars to pay per the amount of minutes you set below.

for how many minutes?
*Minutes users must stay to earn the amount above.

Most $L they can make before Un-Sat:
*After user earns this amount they will be unsat.

If using the ASD Camper Server (sold separately,) please specify channel here. (leave 0 for no server use.)
*If you own the Camper Server, it should have given you a channel number during setup. You may also Touch the server and select CHANNEL from owner menu to find it.
*NOTE: Currently ON/OFF and SCHEDULE Server Features are not compatible with the Pole.

-----------END OF NOTECARD--------------------------------


Open the Object in EDIT/BUILD and go to the CONTENT tab. Drop in your animations one by one, (never all at once.) No need to reset anything. You can delete any of the existing animations if you like. You may have up to 21 total animations. You may need to make adjustments to the SitPosition and Rotation at the top of Configuration Notecard, (see above for details.) Reset Scripts if there is a script error on sit after replacing animations.

You can select "Pole Color" button from Owner Menu to select a color for your objects! Or you can change the textures and colors manually in the EDIT/BUILD window.

_____Helpful Tips & FAQ's____________________

If your Dance Pole is not working:

• Check to be sure you have permission to Run Scripts on the land parcel. Be sure the object is set to the right group if only Group is allowed to Run Scripts.

• Open object in EDIT and click on TOOLS at very top of screen, then choose "Reset Scripts in Selection."

• Deeded Dance Poles will not work correctly.

Q: How do I setup Percentages with other owners in a product?

• No matter the settings, the object owner is always allowed to dance. This includes restrictions set by Camper Server, Tipping Server, or the built-in Group and other security options.

Please Note: This product no longer has Picks feature
Linden Lab no longer allows the use of profile picks to affect SL search rank.
More Info: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linde ... uidelines#Search_Policies


JUNE 2010 - ver 2.7 UPDATE

• BUGFIX: When both Access List and Group was used, Group feature was not working.

• BUGFIX: When Access List in use, Tipping mode was always on, even when set to False in configuration.

APRIL 2010 - ver 2.5 UPDATE

• Now Campatible with ASD Tipping Server (sold separately.) All server functions work with the pole, however you can only change Tipping related settings using web tools. (To change camping settings in pole you can use the ASD Camper Server.)

• Profile Picks feature has been removed from the Dance Pole. I am really sorry but I have to remove it from all my products as Linden Lab no longer allows the use of profile picks to affect SL search rank. It can actually hurt your search rank to use devices that require picks. More Info

• Object Owner is now Always Allowed to dance, regardless of the settings.

MARCH 2009 - ver 2.0 UPDATE

• Converted to MONO.

• Can now set individual Percentages for dancer & owners.

• Customizable "Thank you" message to tipper.

• New Options for Thank you message: IM, Whisper, Say, or Shout

• Can disable 'Any Amount' box from Pay Presets.

• Camping Function now compatible with Camper Server. (Turn On/Off and Schedule features are NOT compatable as the pole cannot be turned off.)

• New Security Options: Profile Picks, Verification, Min/Max Age, Pay Info, Away/Busy

• Access List added with up to 60 avatars by name.

• Random Animation Mode for Dancer.

• Customizable SitTarget & Rotation (if you add animations that do not line up with pole)

• Updates Button in Owner Touch Menu.

• Loading Percent in Hover Text on load.

JULY 2007 - VER 1.2 - Product Update

• "Total L$ Received" added to floating text in Tipping Mode.

• Non-Group members unsat would still dance.

• Script error when user logged off or Teleported away without Standing up from pole first.

JUNE 2007 - VER 1.0 - Product Release

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