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ASD Copyright Notice
ASD Products Terms of Use
ASD Freebies and Free Scripts License Information

All creations, scripts, and other materials for use within the Second Life Virtual World that were created by Alicia Stella (Legal name) Copyright © 2006 - 2014 Alicia Stella


Alicia Stella Design (ASD) is not responsible for changes within the Second Life Virtual World that can affect the intended outcome while using ASD products. Unforeseeable performance changes, and changes to Linden Lab policy or the current Second Life features set may cause certain products offered by Alicia Stella Design to no longer work as originally intended. In most cases these products would be updated to accommodate changes.

Updates to products will only continue for the life of that product.

ASD will always attempt to update products to keep within our own personal standards of excellence. When necessary, ASD products or specific features within products may be "retired" or retooled for a changing virtual climate. Updates for retired products may no longer be available.

There is no guarantee in any way that products offered from Alicia Stella Design will and can run as intended for an infinite amount of time or without unforeseen interruptions. Our services are wholly dependent on another service, (Second Life provided by Linden Lab,) to continue.

Also see the ASD Web Tools Disclaimer for further details.


Please do not resell Freebies from Alicia Stella Design. Give them away free, but never sell anything you get free from me. Thanks.

Please do not list any free items from Alicia Stella Design on the SL Marketplace, metaLIFE, slapt.me, or any web-based SL shopping site without permission. Please contact us for inquiries. Multiple listings of the same product can detract from their original listings, and can even be against the terms of service for some websites regarding listing items multiple times. Permission is usually granted in cases where freebies will be incorporated in a larger original project and proper credit is provided for any ASD materials used.


While I do not mind if my free scripts are used in things you sell, I do not wish for these scripts to be sold either on their own or in notecards as they are now. You can share them for free, but please do not sell them by themselves. Thanks.

Content in Second Life Protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

This page last updated: October 3, 2014

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