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Gadgets & Misc : ASD ATM Server Help
on 2009/6/8 9:46:49 (2468 reads)
Gadgets & Misc

ASD ATM Server
Complete Instructions & Help

General Use
Setup Instructions
About the Configuration Notecard
Helpful Tips & FAQ's
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IMPORTANT: If using this device with an alt as a Bank don't forget to start your balance so users can Withdraw. Either Touch and select 'Deposit' and Pay the object to get started or set your Starting Balance in the Configuration note inside object. See FAQ Section at bottom of note for more important details.

_____General Use__________________________

This device can be used to allow alts, employees, or others access to the object owner's money.

The object can be owned by an alt and used like a bank account. Or you can own the object yourself to allow your alts or employees withdraw money when needed.

_____Setup Instructions_____________________

Rez (set out in world) the ATM Server object.

Edit the Access List and Configuration Notecards inside the object. (More info below.)

You should see a pop-up dialog menu asking if you should "Reset" or "Cancel." Choose "Reset" if ready for your new settings to take effect. (You can also Touch and choose "Reset" from owner menu.)

You will be asked for permission to "Take Lindens from you? Click yes. This allows the script to pay users on Access List.

_____About the Configuration Notecard_________
Do not remove any lines, even if you are not using them.

Edit Access List notecard to set your allowed users and daily withdrawal limits.


If TRUE a balance will be kept. This is great if using the device with an alt as a bank account. If FALSE no tally is kept.
*If the device is just for alts or employees to withdraw money from you, you should set this feature FALSE.
*Please see important information on Bank Mode in the FAQ section at bottom of note.

If BankMode is TRUE above, you can start with an existing balance or at 0.
*If using the ATM server with an Alt as a bank, put whatever the current balance is for alt here.

How many seconds to leave menu listen open, or wait for responses from user.
*In very laggy places a longer timer like 90 may be better.


If TRUE allowed users can get paid money from the object owner.
*This is most useful feature, may not want to disable it.

If Bank Mode is true, this feature will only allow a withdrawal within the available total balance. Amounts more than balance would be denied. If False, will not deduct from tally when paying withdrawals.
*This feature is only possible if Bank Mode is in use.


If TRUE allowed users can Pay money into object that goes directly to object owner.
*If you're not using Bank Mode you may not need this feature.

You can edit the Fast Pay button amounts here. (Put 1 to 4 numbers separated by commas.)
*These are the 4 preset buttons users see when paying the object.
*The Any Amount box is where you type any amount. If you set FALSE, users must use a preset button only.


If TRUE this will send object owner an IM on every single transaction that occurs as it occurs. (Use settings below for daily digests instead for less messages.)
*Set this TRUE if you want to know who is withdrawing/depositing as it happens.

Send Owner IM at midnight with day's transaction info.
*Will send you simple totals for the day. Does not include full transaction data.

Send Owner Email after midnight with day's transaction info.
*This is same info as Daily IM, very simple daily totals only.

Only Send daily messages when activity occurs that day?
*If no one withdraws or deposits all day, you will not get any daily messages for that day.


You may resize the object as needed.

If you wish to change the textures be sure to have "Select Texture" checked in Edit.

Do not unlink or relink this object or it will break.

_____Helpful Tips & FAQ's____________________

If your device is not working:

• Check to be sure you have permission to Run Scripts on the land parcel. Be sure the object is set to the right group if only Group is allowed to Run Scripts. (Tipping Hat requires permission to Rez/Create Objects as well.)

• Open object in EDIT and click on TOOLS at very top of screen, then choose "Reset Scripts in Selection."

Deeded server objects will not work correctly.

IMPORTANT: If using Bank mode, remember that some aspects of SL may affect the actual balance of your avatar. It is not possible for the script to synchronize with an avatar's actual balance. This device will keep a tally based on transactions through the server only, but cannot account for other transactions that occur. For example:
• Group Fees monthly
• Stipend Payments weekly
• other various autopayments, etc
It is best that you have a little extra in your "bank" account than is listed as balance in ATM Server. To update the server balance manually open the object and edit the "Configuration" notecard for "StartBalance."


JUNE 2009 - Product Release

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