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Gadgets & Misc : Dirty Dice Help
on 2009/6/12 16:20:00 (2165 reads)
Gadgets & Misc

Dirty Dice
Complete Instructions & Help

Basic Use
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_____Basic Use__________________________

This product will work right out of the box. Just set it out and it will allow anyone to Touch it to "roll the dice."

It will whisper in local chat 2 words selected at random.

Owner can Touch and hold for 2 seconds for a special owner only menu. Continue reading for help with features in the menu.

_____Word Lists Information____________________

Hold Touch for 2 seconds or more for Owner Menu. Here you can select "Word Lists" to select from 5 preset lists of possible words or an option to use a Custom List you create yourself.

The 5 presets are Tame, Hot(Default), Furry, Gay, and Lesbian.

To use your own Custom List open the object and open the notecard named "Custom List." Here you can edit the custom lists in there with your own words. After you save the note with your changes a menu should ask if you would like to load the note. If it does not you can Touch for 2 seconds and select CUSTOM from Word Lists menu to load your list.

_____Security Settings Information________

Hold Touch for 2 seconds or more for Owner Menu. Here you can select "Security" to choose from 3 preset options:

- ANYONE: Anyone can Touch to "roll the dice."
- GROUP: Only avatars with same group active as object can use.
- OWNER ONLY: Only the Object Owner is allowed to use.

The dice will always go back to ANYONE if scripts reset or object re-rezzed.


You may resize the object as needed.

You may select "Texture" from owner menu and choose from Defaults, Both Dice Pink, and Both Blue. You may also use your own textures by opening the object in EDIT. If you ever want the original textures back just select "Defaults" from Texture menu.

Do not unlink or relink this object or it may break.

_____Helpful Tips & FAQ's____________________

If your device is not working:

• Check to be sure you have permission to Run Scripts on the land parcel. Be sure the object is set to the right group if only Group is allowed to Run Scripts. (Tipping Hat requires permission to Rez/Create Objects as well.)

• Open object in EDIT and click on TOOLS at very top of screen, then choose "Reset Scripts in Selection."

Deeded objects will not work correctly.


JUNE 2009 - Product Release

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