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Policies : IMPORTANT Camp Policy Info
on 2009/8/13 1:41:37 (15361 reads)


Please use caution if you choose to use Pay Furniture from Alicia Stella Design!

We are not responsible for any actions resulting from improper use or abuse of any item available from ASD. This note offers suggestions for use but it is up to each individual to do their own research and be sure for themselves they are following the policy correctly in their own situation. Visit the links below for further information.

http://blogs.secondlife.com/community ... ation-on-bots-and-camping

http://blogs.secondlife.com/community ... -to-the-blog-post-on-bots

---------------- QUOTE FROM JACK LINDEN ------------------------------
"The policy we announced is about Traffic, how that relates to Search, and how a deliberate attempt to falsely drive up the traffic score will no longer be allowed. We know from your comments that you want Search to be fair and relevant, and we want that too. Whether a landowner uses Bots or Camping Chairs, or Camping Chairs with Bots in them, the effect is the same - the traffic score for that parcel is inflated unfairly."


To be certain you are not penalized for use of any Camping or Paying objects you can take the following precautions:

A: Use Camping/Paying furniture only on parcels that are NOT set to Show in Search.

If your parcel is not showing in Search the use of camping should not be against this new policy. This method is great if you just want to help newbies get some cash. You can not advertise the location in search. (Keep in mind, if on shared land, it is possible for neighbors to complain if your camp items are draining region resources such as Script Time or too many agents. Always be courteous to your neighbors.)

B: Use Paying devices specifically for paying REAL avatars for REAL work.

Pay your Models for modeling your clothes, skins, hair, etc using an ASD Model Stand and you should be within the new guidelines. Use a Pay Poseball to pay employees for various jobs or a have your Dancer use a paying Dance Cage at your club, etc. LL has announced a way to allow us to "opt out of traffic" for bots, see this link to learn how. Real people, NOT BOTS should ALWAYS be allowed within the new policy and bots will be/can be if they are set to opt out of traffic rating.


As of now there are no more further plans for Alicia Stella Design to update or add new features to most of the ASD Camping Products. Four spotlight products will continue to receive updates (listed below,) but the remainder will only be updated in the case of major showstopping bugs. The ASD Camper Server will continue to be supported and updated, although its name may change.

Products that will still receive Updates:

Paying Dance Pad
Paying Dance Cage
Paying Model Stand
Pay Poseball (formerly Custom Camper)

Products that will no longer being Updated:

Camping Bench
Camping Chair
Camp Beach Chair
Camp Pool Floatie
Camp Beach Towel
Mopping Up Camper
Scrubbing Bucket Camper
Camping Rugs


Please use extreme caution when using any "Camping" product to stay within the new Linden Lab policy and always check all the facts before setting up anything new. The information within this note should not be taken as your only source of details. The policy can change at any time, so have a look at the links below. If you're in doubt about anything you should check out the Second Life Knowledgebase, Official Second Life Blog, file a ticket using the Support Portal, or even contact a Linden yourself for more information if you have more questions.

Alicia Stella is not responsible for anything resulting from the improper use of any Alicia Stella Design product that may lead to violating Second Life TOS and policies. Refunds will not be given for any camp items purchased prior to May 21, 2009 or after August 20, 2009. No custom modifications to ASD Camping products will be made.


https://support.secondlife.com/ics/sup ... nswer.asp?questionID=6326


http://blogs.secondlife.com/community ... ation-on-bots-and-camping

http://blogs.secondlife.com/community ... -to-the-blog-post-on-bots

Opting bots out of traffic:
https://blogs.secondlife.com/community ... g-a-scripted-agent-status

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