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Gadgets & Misc : ASD Group Info Board Help
on 2011/11/4 8:10:00 (2517 reads)
Gadgets & Misc

ASD Group Info Board
Complete Instructions & Help

• 1. SETUP


Rez a board object and set it to the group you want to use. Set group in EDIT, under GENERAL tab.

Touch and select REFRESH from menu after changing the group.

You may open the object and edit the Configuration notecard to change your settings. Help for each setting can be found in that notecard. The device must be reset after changes are made to the Configuration note. The script should prompt you automatically.


You can override the object group in the Configuration notecard by adding your group's UUID Key. Get your group key using the 'Group Key Finder' object included with this set.

You can also override the title and group description. Sometimes weird characters may show up for your group info, and that is why you may want to override these things. Note: the group description can be seen by guests in the dialog menu text.


To integrate the board with your JVA bot, fill in the settings in the script named "~JVA Bot Integration (Edit Me)" included with this package. After filling in your settings, drop that script into your Group Board and reset the scripts. The script is not inside the board by default to save on lag.

Note: When users select JOIN GROUP from dialog menu they will receive the group join text in local chat as well as receive the group invite from the bot... This is good in case your bot is offline.


If you would like to receive IMs or Emails from the board change the settings in the script named "~Owner Messages (Edit Me)" included with this package and drop it into your Group Board. It is not included in board by default to save on lag.

You can have instant messages sent to you daily, whenever a user Touches the Board, and when the sensor senses a user in the area. You can also have daily emails sent with the day's info in digest form.

Note: Only the first 50 names of visitors will be sent in daily emails. The device cannot hold more than that. Numbers will still contain all visitors in counts.


You can choose to have the object send a dialog menu to all visitors within a certain range. Change these settings in the Configuration notecard.

Note: The owner will never get the sensor menu. Test with an alt or friend. Users will only get sensor menu once per day. This will reset at midnight.

In addition to sensor, users can always Touch board to get the same dialog menu.

More Info: The sensor will scan outside of your parcel. Use a lesser scan range to keep it on your property, and place closer to where avatars will be walking, such as a front door or the teleport landing spot.


You can Touch a board object and select *OPTIONS* to choose your colors for text/background. For the 15 prim design you can also select a texture background and use shiny feature. Note: The one prim board does not have an Options menu.

All objects are modifiable so you can change things manually. You can use 'Edit Linked Parts' for changing colors of specific prim text individually.

You can resize all three of the designs. You should only resize the entire object all together.


Most Scripts are not modifiable.

Scripts found in folder/box are modifiable to allow you to adjust variables at top of script. It is not suggested you edit below the line of those scripts. Extra scripts in box are optional, to save on lag.


FEBRUARY 4, 2012 - Four New sculpted designs added.

NOVEMBER 2011 - Product Release

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