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FAQ : Access List Help
on 2012/2/6 9:53:36 (2486 reads)

Q: Added a name to Access List, but it's not allowing the avatar access.

This information is for items with a separate Access List notecard inside the object.

If Access List is not working:

Do not remove the first line of access list. The script expects that line to be there.
~You can however replace existing names on list.

Always use classic Second Life Legacy Names: Firstname Lastname
~Use "Resident" as lastname for avatars with only one name.
~DO NOT use Display Names.
Use this script to learn your exact Legacy Name.

Names are CaSe SeNsItIvE and should match SL Legacy Name exactly.
~ALICIA STELLA or alicia stella may not work in some devices.
~Use copy/paste to be sure you have name exactly.
Use this script to learn your exact Legacy Name.

• Also, in the ATM Server be sure you have a comma "," in between name and daily limit amount.

John Smith, 10000
Jane Smith, 5000

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