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Policies : Raffle Cannot be Paid to Enter
on 2011/3/22 14:50:00 (1661 reads)

Raffle Cannot be Paid to Enter
To stay within Linden Lab's policy on gambling

ASD Raffle Systems cannot be paid to enter. This is to stay within Linden Lab's policy on gambling.

The info notecard inworld (from raffle vendor) and the write-up on the raffle page on this site says:


Users do not pay to enter so it's completely legal in SL and in real life.

The important aspect of this product is to "Attract Visitors." It is not intended to earn a profit. Features built-in, such as the 'IM All' option that will IM every entrant with a SLurl to come to enter again, are meant to bring visitors back to your place time and again (where they can spend money on other things at your store/venue while they are there.) You also can get free advertising by showing your raffle on the Raffles List where users can find new contests to enter.

Below is Linden Lab's exact policy for gambling in SL:


It is a violation of this policy to wager in games in the Second Life® environment operated on Linden Lab servers if such games:

Rely on chance or random number generation to determine a winner,


Rely on the outcome of real-life organized sporting events,

AND provide a payout in

Linden Dollars (L$)


Any real-world currency or thing of value.

To remain legal in SL, a raffle-like contest must either not charge for entries -OR- not give away anything of value. Since practically anything could be considered to have value, the only solution is to not charge for entry.

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