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Gadgets & Misc : Special Prize Block and Diamond Help
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Gadgets & Misc

Special Prize Block and Diamond
Complete Instructions & Help

General Use
Setup Instructions
About Configuration Notecard
About the Sample Notecards
Incorporating the ASD Raffle
API Custom Script
Helpful Tips & FAQ's
Updates Changelog

_____ General Use ________________________

This object can give money and prizes to random guests at your event or venue at a time interval set by the owner or staff member.

Can be set for Group Members Only to win or allow anyone.

Set a range, parcel, or entire sim that is allowed to win.

Once an avatar is chosen they must Touch the object to collect their random prize within an allotted amount of time or it is forfeited.

_____ Setup Instructions ___________________

1. Rez the object and edit the notecard inside named Configuration. (See next section.)

2. Select reset when prompted by the dialog menu.

3. Grant Pay Permission when prompted.

4. Touch object and select 'Turn On' from dialog menu.

5. OPTIONAL: Add up to 100 objects to be given as prizes.

That's it! Have fun and read the next few sections to get the most out of this product.

_____ About the Configuration Notecard _______

Below are some helpful tips for editing the "Configuration" notecard found inside your object. Do not remove any lines.


List staff members that can turn On/Off and cannot win? Use first and last names. Separate names with commas. (12 max)
AccessList=John Smith, Jane Smith
►This is where you will list all the people you want to be able to use the Touch Menu to turn the unit on/off or change the timer interval. These people, as well as the object owner, cannot win.

Who is also not allowed to win? Use first and last names. Separate names with commas. (12 max)
BanList=Dot Vella, LydiaBug Resident
►List people you do not want to be allowed to win. Names are CaSe SeNsItIvE.

Minimum number of eligible avatars in range to find winner? (1 to 25 max)
►If the minimum number of avatars in range you set is not reached then the object will not find a winner. It will wait the interval time and attempt another drawing.

Show text above the object? (FALSE for no text.)
►Displays info about time between contests, if group required, and the current winner/prize.

Use sound effects? (FALSE for not sound.)
►This can also be turned on/off via touch menu. There are sound effects for every prize as well as while the winner is selecting their prize.

Should the object rotate around? (FALSE for no rotate.)
►Rotates the object around and around.


How many meters must avatars be within to win? (Max 256, put 0 for entire sim.)

Restrict range to current parcel only? (Set range to 0 above for entire parcel.)
►Set range to 0 and this to TRUE to do the entire parcel.
►Set range to 0 and this to FALSE to do entire sim.

Show location in winner's IM, to help them find object. (Use with large range or full sim.)
►This is helpful if doing entire sim or parcel so the winner can get to the object fast when selected.

Number of minutes between choosing a winner. (This can also be changed by menu.)
►Can be any number when set here, or choose from presets in touch menu.

How many seconds does avatar have to to touch by before it gives up?
►Do not set too low or they may not have enough time to locate and touch.


►Note: Money prizes cannot be disabled, but you can set them all to L$1 to always give the lowest possible.

How much to pay out when money prize is selected? Will pay winner an amount between the two numbers set here. (Set both to same number for always same amount.)

How much to pay out when an ALL WIN prize is selected? This will pay small random amounts to multiple avatars within range of object. (Set both to same number for always same amount.)
►This prize is similar to a 'Sploder' style.

The unit will turn itself off after this amount is reached/exceeded. Tally resets every time unit turned on or off. (Set to 0 for no limit.)
►This total will always reset to 0 when the unit is turned off or reset.


Add up to 100 objects into the main prim to use as random prizes.
►Prize objects to be given must be Transferable. They can be No Copy, but when the object runs out of prizes to give it will automatically stop offering prize objects as a selection.

In addition to prize objects, 2 notecards worth of special rewards can also be used, with one reward/message per line. You can use the sample notecards in the original product box or see the instructions for more information. Notecard One will be awarded more often than Notecard Two, so reserve the second for better awards. (Set either or both to NONE to not use.)

►More info below in the next section for these settings.
►If you are using the optional Raffle Script you must specify the raffle note as one or both of these settings. (See more below.)


Is group required to win and receive any winnings? (This can also be changed by menu.)
►Will use the group that the object is set to. You cannot specify group by settings notecard.

Brief name for your group, to be seen in floating text. (Object must be set to group also.)
GroupName=VIP Group
►Put your group name here. Will be used in messages and floating text, but just for show.

Custom Message when Touched in Group Mode. (If FALSE a URL to Join your Group will be used instead.)
CustomJoinText=IM a staff member to be added to group.
►You would only need to use this if your Group is NOT Open Enrollment. That way you can explain by which means people may join your group.

_____ About the Sample Notecards _____

You can have up to two Special Notecards to use as prizes. The system will randomly select a line from one of these notecards and read it out to the winner and announce it publicly as well. This can be used for anything from a fun interactive game to specific discounts or prizes that are catered to your particular establishment or event.

Some sample notecards are included just to give you an idea of how you can utilize this feature.

• Dance Club Sample
• Truth or Dare Sample
• Words of Wisdom Sample

Here are some examples of prizes that would be specific to your place, but let your imagination go wild when setting up your prizes:

• 25% off a specific service for next 10 minutes
• All dancers must remove an article of clothing (for night clubs)
• Everyone use your most annoying gesture!
• Give everyone near you a nice compliment
• Put on your silliest hat
• Tell us your deepest darkest secret

To use a notecard, drop it into your object and set the name of the notecard in Configuration where it says SpecialNotecardOne= or SpecialNotecardTwo=NONE

Special Note Two is selected less often so should be used for better prizes.

Special Notecards are completely optional. Leave both, or just one of them, as NONE when not in use.

Tip: You can have do one line of text in a notecard to always award the same thing when it is selected.

_____ Incorporating the ASD Raffle _____

If you own the ASD Raffle System, sold separately, you can have your Special Prize Block give out raffle tickets as prizes! Having multiple raffle tickets increases your odds of winning.

You can purchase the raffle system here: http://www.asdwebtools.com/raffle.php

To use the raffle with your object follow these steps:

• 1. Locate the notecard named "Raffle Entry Settings" from the original product box and add your Raffle ID number where specified.

• 2. Drop the "Raffle Entry Settings" notecard and "Raffle Entry Script" into your Special Prize Block object.

• 3. Edit the Configuration notecard adding the raffle settings note name where it says SpecialNotecardOne= or SpecialNotecardTwo=

Example: SpecialNotecardOne=Raffle Entry Settings

• 4. Reset your Special Prize Block and be sure your Raffle is Running. (Raffle does not need to be in same sim, but must be turned on.)

Tip: Special Notecard Two will come up less than One, in case you'd like to make it harder to win extra raffle tickets. Or put it as both for many more chances to win tickets.

_____ API Custom Script __________

You can use the custom script to do extra things when users win something. This is intended for experienced scripters to add extra effects, store data in a database, or interact with other objects to give additional prizes.

To use locate the script named "Custom API Script [Optional]" from the original product box and drop it into your Special Prize Block object. It must be in the key prim or it will not work. Edit the script directly to add your extra code. The script uses link messages to receive information from the main script.

The winner's key, name, and their prize (when available) will be shown in script.

You can do things when any of the following occur:

• ZONK: This is when the user didn't win anything.

• MONEY PRIZES: Any time an avatar is paid the avatar key, name, and amount will be shown. This goes for single avatar payment or multiple avatar payments. It will always be one link message at a time, one per payment/avatar.

• PRIZE OBJECT: Will show avatar key, name, and the prize name for the object they have won and should have received.

• NOTECARD ONE: This is when a special notecard is chosen as prize. It will not tell you which line of the notecard was selected or if the raffle is in use, only that note once was chosen. Your Special note names must be set in Configuration or this will not be triggered (see sample notecards above).

• NOTECARD TWO: Same as notecard one, but it should be noted that note two is selected less often as one. It has harder odds so should be used for better prizes.

Tip: You can have one line in a special notecard with your prize message, so it is always selected, then use the API script to trigger another object or award the reward through other means. An example may be adding points or tokens to an account using a third-party system. Again scripting knowledge would be required.

Note: If you're planning to give a specific object as a prize using the API Custom Script, and do not want that object to be given as a random prize object by the main script, you can put it inside a secondary prim and add another script with it to receive a Link Message from your Custom script. Example: Use a special note to tell the user what they've won and the API Custom script to send a link message to the child prim where another script you added listens to know when to Give Inventory Item.

_____ Helpful Tips & FAQ's ____________________

If the scripts are not working:

• Check to be sure you have permission to Run Scripts on the land parcel. Be sure the object is set to the right group if only Group is allowed to Run Scripts for your land.

• Reset the scripts from BUILD/TOOLS menu.

Q: Can money prizes be disabled?
A: No, but you can set both numbers to as low as L$1 each.

Q: Can I replace the existing Sound Effects?
A: Yes. Open object in BUILD/EDIT and check EDIT LINKED PARTS. Select the second prim and you will see the sound files in inventory. Replace them with your own sounds, using the exact same names. There are 7 sounds in total. You can replace any or all if you wish. (Note: Removing the sounds without replacing them will cause script errors. To turn sounds off use touch menu or set in Configuration.)

Q: Can I resize the object?
A: Yes. You may resize the object as needed.

Q: Can I unlink or remove prims from the object?
A: No. Every prim is needed and unlinking may break it.

Q: Is there a limit to how many avatars can be scanned by this item?
A: The limit is 100, same as the limit of how many avatars allowed in a sim.

Q: Can No Copy items be used as prizes?
A: Yes. Prize objects must be Transferable. They can be No Copy, but when the object runs out of prizes to give it will automatically stop offering prize objects as a selection.

Owner, Managers, and Ban List can never win, and are not counted towards MinAvatars needed to find a winner.

Note: Due to the nature of transparent objects in Second Life you may see the object flicker. There is nothing that can be done to prevent this, but right-clicking the object or teleporting away and back may stop it from happening on your screen.


AUGUST 2014- Product Release

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