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Gadgets & Misc : Advanced Announcer Help
on 2015/9/4 10:50:00 (1133 reads)
Gadgets & Misc

Advanced Announcer Set
Complete Instructions & Help

General Use
Setup Instructions
About Settings Notecard
About the Touch Menu
Speakers (Optional)
Chat Relay HUD (Optional)
Helpful Tips & FAQ's
Updates Changelog

_____ General Use ________________________

This set includes everything you need to make both automated and manual announcements at your club, venue, or business.

For automated announcements you can have unlimited messages in up to 11 notecards inside the object. Select the notecard you want to read from and whether to announce randomly or in order. You can assign staff members, or a group, allowed to control the Announcer. They can turn it on/off or change the notecard depending on the day's needs.

For the chat relay function this set includes a HUD that can be given to staff members. When the HUD is worn, everything the wearer says is repeated by any of the "Speaker" objects placed throughout the sim. The speaker objects can Say, Shout, or Whisper the announcements.

_____ Setup Instructions ___________________

ADVANCED ANNOUNCER SETUP (Automated Announcements)

1. Rez the Advanced Announcer object and edit the notecard inside named "Default Settings". Select reset when prompted by the dialog menu. (See next section for help with settings.)

2. Add up to 11 notecards with your announcements, one message per line.

3. Touch object and select 'Turn On' from dialog menu.

4. Set up Speaker objects throughout sim for more range. (Optional, see Speaker section below for more information.)

Tip: You may change settings any time from touch menu, including changing which notecard to read announcements from.


CHAT RELAY HUD SETUP (Manual Announcements)

1. Rez or wear the HUD object. Set the channel number in object description to any number you want, preferably 4 to 8 digits. (See HUD section below for more details.)

2. Rez as many speaker objects as you want throughout sim and set the channel in settings notecard to same channel as HUD.

3. Touch HUD to turn on. Everything you say will be repeated by listening speakers.

4. Replace the HUD inside Giver object with yours and specify the object's group you would like to be able to touch to get a HUD. (Optional)

Tip: Change the name of the announcer or speaker objects to the name that you want the messages to be said from.

____ About the Configuration Notecard _____

Set your defaults in the Settings notecard. When the device is reset or is rezzed it will load these settings. You can change many settings through the touch menu as well, but these will be your defaults.


Mode to announce with? (SAY, SHOUT, WHISPER)
►Whisper: Seen within 10 meters
►Say: Seen within 20 meters
►Shout: Seen within 100 meters

Randomly select announcements from notecard? (Set FALSE to go in order.)
►If set to read in order it will start over after reaching final message.

How much time between announcements? Put the least and most amount of seconds to wait between announcements.
►Amounts are in seconds. Example: '600' is 10 minutes
►Set both to the same number to always announce at same timer interval.

Default notecard to read announcements from.
DefaultNote=Default Announcements
►CaSe SeNsItIvE and must match notecard's name exactly.
►Notecard can also be selected by touch menu.

Convert all announcements to UPPERCASE?
►Uppercase messages can be easier to spot in local chat.


Channel to announce on? Use 0 for public channel or set to a private channel if you want to send messages only to other objects, (including External Speaker objects).
►Set to 0 for chat to be seen publicly.
►Set to same number as speakers to send messages to Speakers in your sim.

If using a private channel above, would you like to send message to entire region? (Should be set TRUE for External Speaker use.)
►This should be set to True if using speakers in the sim.
►Set False, only if communicating with an object nearby the announcer.
►Note: This setting is ignored if using public channel, 0.

Require avatars be present before announcements are made? (NONE, PARCEL, SIM)
►You will be able to set just how many avatars must be present in the next setting.

Minimum number of avatars in parcel or sim to make announcements? (Only if setting above not set to None)
►This is useful for events or promotions that require a certain number of people, or just to limit spamming empty areas.


List staff members that can use settings menu? Use first and last names (SL Legacy Names). Separate names with commas. (12 max)
AccessList=John Smith, Jane Smith
►This is where you list all the people you want to be able to use the Touch Menu to turn the unit on/off or change the message notecard.
►Names are CaSe SeNsItIvE.

Allow members of same group to change settings? (FALSE for owner only and any names on Access List above)
►Will use the group that the object is set to. You cannot specify group by settings notecard.

_____ About the Touch Menu _______________

These settings will revert to the settings in the 'Default Settings' notecard if the device is reset, (see above section for more information). Use touch menu to change settings on the fly, like during an event. Staff can change most of these settings as well.

• Turn On/Off - This will turn the device on or off. It will start off when reset/rezzed.

• Chat Mode - Would you like object to Say, Shout, or Whisper?

• Order - Announce messages in order or random.

• Timer - Set the min and max amount of seconds between announcing.

• Notecard - Select the notecard to read announcements from. You may have up to 11 notes inside the object to select from.

• Uppercase - Would you like announcements converted to uppercase letters?

• Channel - Set a channel for announcements. 0 is public or specify a private channel to communicate with other objects only.

• Security - Allows you to turn group mode on or off.

• Reset (Owner Only) - Reloads your defaults from Settings notecard.

_____ Speakers (Optional) ________________

The speakers can be used in two ways. They can listen for automatic announcements made by the Advanced Announcer object and/or listen for chat relayed by the HUD. One they receive a message they will repeat it for anyone nearby to see.

Open the speaker object and set the channel to listen on inside the Settings notecard. The channel must match the channel in your Announcer object or HUD.

The speaker objects can also be set to SAY, SHOUT, or WHISPER in the Settings notecard. Each setting has a different range, so be careful to space out your speakers so they do not overlap ranges. If they do your visitors may see messages twice on their screen.

►Whisper: Seen within 10 meters
►Say: Seen within 20 meters
►Shout: Seen within 100 meters

Speakers set to SAY or WHISPER can be used to prevent spamming your neighbors because you do not need to use Shout, and can limit chat to within only the areas you want.

Note: When the Advanced Announcer is on a private channel (not 0) for announcing to speakers, the announcer itself will not be heard by visitors. It will only heard by objects.

_____ Chat Relay HUD (Optional) ______________

See the Setup section at top of instructions for steps to get your HUD running. The most important step is setting the HUD's channel. Set the channel number in object description to any number you want, preferably 4 to 8 digits. This should be the same channel in your Speaker objects so they can hear what the HUD sends them.

After changing the channel for the HUD it is best to remove the HUD and then wear it again, to be sure it has reset to the new channel.

You can resize or move the HUD anywhere on your screen by right-clicking the HUD and selecting EDIT.

Touch the HUD to turn it On or Off. It will show a green icon when on, and a red icon when off. When it is on everything the wearer says will be repeated on the HUD channel. If you have speakers rezzed out in the sim, set to the same channel, they will repeat this message. (See the Speaker section above for more details.)

This set also includes a HUD Giver object. It can give your HUD to anyone in the same group as the object. Replace the HUD inside Giver object with yours, You can also give the HUD away to anyone you need. It is Copy/Transfer so the next owner can also give it away. This can be handy for managers to hand out HUDs to staff or hosts/DJs.

Tip: You may set HUD permissions to No Transfer before giving away to prevent them from being passed on.

Note: Only the HUD and Speakers are necessary for chat relay. The Advanced Announcer object is not used for this feature.

_____ Customizing _________________________

You can move the scripts from any of the included objects into your own objects. To do so, first copy the scripts and notecards to a folder in your inventory. Then move to your new object from your inventory.

You can change colors or textures by opening the objects in EDIT/BUILD menu and going to the Texture tab.

Tip: Change the name of the announcer or speaker objects to the name that you want the messages to be said from.

_____ Helpful Tips & FAQ's ____________________

If the scripts are not working:

• Check to be sure you have permission to Run Scripts on the land parcel. Be sure the object is set to the right group if only Group is allowed to Run Scripts for your land.

• Reset the scripts from BUILD/TOOLS menu.

Q: Can I resize the objects?
A: Yes. You may resize the objects as needed.

Q: Can I have more than 1 announcer running in same sim?
A: Yes. You may have unlimited units running at same time. They can be set to different channels or all on same channel.

Q: Is there a limit to how long each announcement can be?
A: Messages can be 255 characters long. Anything longer will be truncated.

Q: Is there a limit to how many messages I can put into a notecard?
A: The notecard itself is limited to 65,536 characters. That is your only limit.

Q: I've added names to Access List but they don't get menu?
A: See this: http://www.aliciastella.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=70

Note: Messages can only be a maximum of 255 characters each.


SEPTEMBER 2015 - Product Release

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