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Frequently Asked Questions and Common Problems
FAQ : Tip Jars sometimes show as logged or empty incorrectly?
on 2014/9/30 10:31:59 (933 reads)

Q: Why do the tip jars still show as logged after user logs out or still show as empty even after user logs in?

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FAQ : Product Doesn't Work When Owner Offline
on 2014/9/26 10:00:00 (3651 reads)

Q: Why does the product stop working when I leave the sim or go Offline?

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FAQ : Registering on Web Tools Problems
on 2013/3/14 5:31:55 (1031 reads)

Q: For help registering, activating, or verifying your account check out this page on the web tools site.

FAQ : Access List Help
on 2012/2/6 9:53:36 (2484 reads)

Q: Added a name to Access List, but it's not allowing the avatar access.

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FAQ : Getting money out of Object
on 2010/6/8 22:17:25 (1938 reads)

Q: How do I get the money out of my donation box or tip jar?

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FAQ : Floating Tip Jars Overlap with Dual Pole
on 2009/4/4 9:54:19 (1856 reads)

Q: How do I stop Floating Tip Jars from overlapping when 2 users are using Dual Dance Pole?

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FAQ : Percentage Splitting Help
on 2009/2/17 13:00:00 (2731 reads)

Q: How do I setup Percentages with other owners in a product?

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FAQ : Security Orb Help
on 2008/11/27 3:16:14 (3433 reads)

Q: I have tried everything but still cannot get Eject to work with the Pay Teleporter and Security Orb! Help please?

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FAQ : Donation Box/Thermometer Resets
on 2008/11/27 2:52:14 (1742 reads)

Q: Why do the totals keep reseting on my Donation Goal Thermometer or Donation Box?

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FAQ : Picks not being recognized?
on 2008/8/17 17:03:01 (1696 reads)

Q: Avatar has place in Picks but it is not allowing?

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FAQ : How to find a Parcel Key
on 2008/8/7 19:50:00 (4483 reads)

Q: How do I find my Parcel Key?

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FAQ : Floating Tip Jars Not Floating
on 2008/4/19 23:01:22 (1671 reads)

Q: Why do my Floating Tip Jars sink into the ground instead of float?

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FAQ : Window Blinds Resizing
on 2008/4/14 11:24:49 (2315 reads)

Q: How do I resize my window blinds?

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FAQ : How to get Avatar Key
on 2008/4/11 17:02:19 (8328 reads)

Q: How do I get an avatar's UUID key?

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FAQ : Product Stopped Working
on 2008/4/10 10:34:54 (2449 reads)

Q: My product just stopped working for no reason, what can I do?

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