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Pay Teleporter and all other Teleporter help
Teleporters : Return Teleporter Never Loads
on 2012/2/6 10:07:03 (1166 reads)

The Return Teleporter says 'Please Wait...' but never loads.

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Teleporters : Long Range Teleporter Help
on 2010/1/31 4:53:45 (1958 reads)

Longer Range Teleporters
Complete Instructions & Help

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Teleporters : Pay Teleporter Help
on 2008/11/6 2:30:00 (4477 reads)

Pay Teleporter with Security Orb
Complete Instructions & Help

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Teleporters : Which Teleporter do I Buy?
on 2008/4/18 23:58:30 (3256 reads)

What are the differences between teleporters?
Distance limitations and restrictions

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