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NEW PRODUCTS: Tip All Tip Jars

Published by Alicia Stella on Jul-15-2016 (579 reads)

Brand new Tip Jars! Now a tip can be split between everyone working!

The Tip All Tip Jar allows your guests to pay one object and have the tip distributed equally between all of the staff working. This allows guests to pay everyone at once! Perfect for retail locations, event staff and more!

The owner adds avatar keys to a notecard for all the staff that can be paid. Owner sets whether staff needs to be present or not, the max range in meters they can be, and whether to limit range to within the parcel or not.

When a tip is paid the script will split it between everyone eligible. If there is not enough money to split between everyone, staff will be paid in the order they are listed in the notecard. The owner can take a percentage off the top, before the amount is split. And three additional owners can be added to the settings as well.

Available in three styles, including a customizable one for using your own objects! And each one can be purchased as a Copyable set or a Single jar. See the links below or check them all out inworld here or on Marketplace here!

Purchase Tip All Tip Jars: In-World - SL Marketplace

Tip All Tip Jar - Color Change: Copyable | Single

Tip All Tip Jar - Money Chest: Copyable | Single

Tip All Tip Jar - Custom Version: Copyable | Single

How it Works:

Special Features Include:

• Add unlimited avatar keys to notecard to split tips with.

• Optionally require avatars be present to get a percentage. Can set a range up to 256 meters within a sim or restrict to parcel. Or set the range to entire sim or entire parcel.

• Owner can take a percentage off the top, before splitting with everyone else.

• You can also set three additional owners that always get an equal share, same as the other avatars, but will not be required to be present.

• Customizable Floating Text and Text Color.

• Optionally show last tip amount and the last tipper.

• Customizable "Thank you" message to tipper that can be set to IM, Whisper, Say, or Shout.

• Can give away a Gift when paid. This can be any one item you specify and can be any inventory type, (Landmark, Notecard, Object, Clothing, etc.) Item must be placed inside Tip Jar's inventory and be Copy/Transfer. A minimum tip amount to receive gift can be set.

• Can be turned off/on by menu.

• Optional Owner only mode when off, where all tips go to owner while off.

• Optional Owner IM Notifications alert you when someone makes a donation with their name, amount, and location.

• You can edit the 4 Fast Pay preset amounts.

• Easy Owner-Only Touch Menu with a "Reset Total" button and more!

• Built-in Updates checker.

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