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UPDATED: Visitor Tracker Service to End October 27th

Published by Alicia Stella on Sep-20-2017 (3008 reads)

UPDATE 10/27: Regular Tracker usage has now ended. All objects that have not been updated to version 2.0 will stop working today. Requesting the new version and making your first monthly payment will be the only way to continue using your tracker. Please see the original announcement and previous updates below for more details.

UPDATE 10/23: Pricing information is now available for monthly paid Tracker service. Please see the following page for more details:

UPDATE 10/17: If anyone is interested in keeping their Visitor Tracker(s) running for a monthly fee (starting Oct 27) please IM Alicia Stella in-world. After receiving many requests I am considering starting a pilot program to see if such a version could be possible. I understand some businesses require the service to run. This is for those cases. Fee amounts may vary depending on number of units and historical bandwidth usage. IM Alicia Stella before October 27th if you are interested.

UPDATE 10/13: The Tracker service is being extended one more week and will now close on October 27th instead.

ORIGINAL ANNOUNCEMENT 9/20: I am deeply sorry to announce this, but the ASD Visitor Tracker product and web service will be ending by October 20, 2017. Attempts have been made to stabilize the service, but to no avail. I apologize, but this is not a decision that was made lightly. The system has become unstable and has been prone to breakdowns almost daily. This, coupled with increased running costs, were factors in the decision.

The Visitor Tracker product will no longer be available for sale. It was taken down and has not been for sale for several months. I had hoped to perfect a simpler variation that would be more reliable or break down less often, but unfortunately my efforts have been unsuccessful.

The service and website will continue to run for the next 30 days so that you may download your tracker data from Web Tools. As of October 20th though, the system will no longer run.

Again, I am deeply sorry. This is not the conclusion I wanted for this product.

None of my other products or services will be affected by this decision.

Alicia Stella

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