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FAQ : Window Blinds Resizing
on 2008/4/14 11:24:49 (2315 reads)

Q: How do I resize my window blinds?

Resizing window blinds can be tricky until you get the hang of it, but here is how to do it.

1. Open the blinds object in Edit and check the "Edit Linked Parts" box.

2. Left click on one of the two prims of the window blinds and resize then do the same for the other prim.

3. Once you have both prims sized right, exit out of edit menu then go back into it with both prims selected. At the top of your screen, click TOOLS and then choose "Reset Scripts in Selection".

Step 3 is very important. If you do not do this step and try to use the blinds, they will go back to their default sizes.

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