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FAQ : Donation Box/Thermometer Resets
on 2008/11/27 2:52:14 (1707 reads)

Q: Why do the totals keep reseting on my Donation Goal Thermometer or Donation Box?

In Premium Donation Boxes and Donation Goal Thermometers in the 'Configuration' notecard is the SimWideChannel feature.

If not in use, set this to SimWideChannel=0

If in use do not use 1 or 2. In fact I suggest using a 6 digit number.

For example:

Most likely if your totals are reseting often or you see strange characters in floating text there may be another scripted object interfering on the same channel. Changing the channel to something more complex may help stop the reseting.

You can use any number you think up for a sim-wide channel, but make it a weird one to avoid this issue!

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