Universal Studios Florida Update: Fast & Furious Construction and Cars, Race Through New York, Pretzels and More

Let's take a look around Universal Studios Florida! Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon is set to grand open April 6, 2017, but you can already experience the attraction during technical rehearsals, going on now! Virtual Line passes can be redeemed from the nearby kiosks or by using the Universal Orlando app. Some minor changes for the ride since our last visit include Express added to entrance, test seats have been placed out front, as well as a new digital information board.

Fast and Furious Supercharged construction continues at an increasing pace. The themed work walls covered in graffiti have been replaced with plain black walls. The fountain in the Beetlejuice courtyard has now been removed and the nearby refreshment stand has finally been renamed from "Graveyard Snacks" to "San Francisco Snacks." The large show building is being painted to look like an old warehouse and scaffolding has gone up around the queue structure in front. Screen-used vehicles from the newest Fast and Furious film, The Fate of the Furious, are now on display in the park. This is becoming somewhat of a tradition, as almost every film in the franchise has had cars on display in the park.

Also going on in the park, work walls have come down around Doc's Candy store in the New York section, revealing a brand new Auntie Anne's Pretzels window. Work walls have gone up around the drink stand in front of the Universal Classic Monster's Cafe for minor refurbishment. And Mardi Gras has ended, so all the signs, decor, and food booths are quickly being removed. Check out the video and photo update below for more details and stay tuned for more theme park updates coming soon!

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Photo Update

Welcome to Universal on a clear sky, beautiful Spring day!
The giant Mardi Gras sign has been removed from the arch
Race Through New York merchandise added to the main store
Just a small assortment of items here, including Hastag the panda dolls
Work walls have gone up around the Monsters Cafe drink stand
No telling how long this will be closed. Probably just a minor refurbishment
Checking in on Race Through New York
Annual Pass previews going on in the mornings right now
Passholders checking in at end of the street
Check in stations
AP previews line redirected to outside patio queue (not front entrance)
Entering the 30 Rock lobby from outside patio on right-side of building
Both theaters are now in use during the day, keeping the wait time down
You can watch the entire pre-show and see live entertainment here
I noticed the back wall of the pre-show rooms are unfinished, with the back walls just exposed sound-proofing material, and temporary stanchions up
The mural over the exit stairs is back, after being painted over earlier in the month
Outside, let's check out the main entrance
Express added to entrance sign. Express holders do not require return ticket and enter immediately
Test seats have been added outside
Close up of the side of seats
Test seats not doing so well outside, wood paneling already coming off

Moving down the street, reservation kiosks are on and working
Digital information sign added out front, currently explaining "technical rehearsals"
Virtual Line kiosks are easy to use with touch screen
You get a return ticket when using kiosk, but you can also use your phone to reserve a time
The ticket does mention that it's a 30+ min experience

Moving on, the work walls are down around Doc's Candy Store in New York
The store is now an Auntie Anne's Pretzel window
Some of the yummy foods inside
One last look before moving on
Fast and Furious Supercharged ride construction
The Flying Fish street show has moved down the street, to accommodate the cars on display up ahead
This street show involves entertainers throwing (fake) fish and doing acrobatics
The themed walls with Graffiti have been replaced with plain walls, and the courtyard fountain has been removed
Not sure when it happened exactly, but this refreshment stand has finally been renamed

Originally "Graveyard Snacks"
Now named "San Francisco Snacks"

Scaffolding is up around queue structure
Building that takes you to pre-show after queue now taking shape, with triangle roof on right
Overview of queue structure, with pre-show behind it
You can see triangle roof of queue/pre-show building behind foreground steel
Good look at the backside of San Francisco facades with new structures being built behind them
Giant show building has been painted, and work walls extended out
Next step will be to add false windows over these darkened squares
The buildings are being themed to look like an old factory/warehouse
The building is being painted a different color on the London side to blend in better with King's Cross Station
Where the two colors meet has not yet been completed yet. Also, roofing materials are being staged on top of the original Disaster exit structure (left)

Cars used in the filming of the new film, The Fate of the Furious now on display
Roman's 2004 Bently GT, driven by Tyrese Gibson

Letty's Rally Fighter, driven by Michelle Rodriguez

Dominic Toretto's 1970 Dodge Charger, driven by Vin Diesel

New merchandise cart added, selling related items

That's all for this update! Check out the update video for more, and see this video for a closer look at the cars!

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