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Universal's Volcano Bay will be officially opening May 25, 2017. I wanted to check in on construction this week now that scaffolding has started to come down around the 200 foot tall volcano, named Krakatau. The rockwork looks amazing, and has more color in it than I thought when only viewing it from far away. New ancient ruins have been added along the base of the volcano since I was last here. During my visit, I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of the water slides already have water running through them for testing!

I also got a good look at the new park's entrance plaza and new title lettering. They were paving the plaza's walk up while I was there. The I-4 entrance and exit lanes have been shifted temporarily for work that continues on the pedestrian tunnel beneath the road. This will lead guests to and from a tram drop-off area on the other side. Check out the video as well as photo report below and stay tuned for more regular Volcano Bay updates in the future as we inch ever closer to the grand opening date!

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01162-mts-still030Wow, what a difference a few months can make. The volcano, named Krakatau, has reached its incredible 200-feet-high goal and it can be seen for miles around. Around the open backside we can get a good view of many of the main attractions for Volcano Bay, including the highly anticipated water coaster, named Krakatau Aqua Coaster. The water coaster will use 4-person canoes as its ride vehicles taking riders throughout the volcano before plunging through a waterfall at the end. I cannot wait! In addition to the volcano, work is moving on to the park entrance, pedestrian tunnel (that leads to Tram drop-off,) and of course the two Cabana Bay expansion towers that border the new water park. The views from those rooms' windows of a towering volcano are going to be impressive. Check out the update video as well as snapshots and more details below. And stay tuned for a Universal Studios update coming soon!

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Volcano-Bay-Full-Reveal-4Universal Orlando has released incredible details about all of the attractions and features of the upcoming Volcano Bay water theme park. Firstly, they have said that tickets will be available to visit the new park as early as June 1, 2017. This won't be the official grand opening date, but the park itself will be open by then. In addition to information about the four themed areas of the new park and 18 different attractions, Universal is also touting how this will change the way you experience a water park as well. "Here, there’s no standing in long lines. No wrestling with tubes. No waiting for the fun to begin. Which means you spend more time drifting leisurely down a winding river, plummeting down a tropical volcano, catapulting into pools of blue water, and reconnecting with your family." See all the great details below along with some new amazing concept art and stay tuned for more theme park news!

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P1070482Things have not slowed down over at construction for Universal's Volcano Bay, even after the minor fire last week. The centerpiece of the new park, the large volcano, is now nearly twice as large as it was during my last update. Many new water slides have showed up on property, including some that intertwine with the volcano. The wave pool, lazy river and more features are becoming more recognizable as well. Universal has said that the park will open with 18 different attractions! Hopefully they can keep this mighty pace and get this new water park open within a year, in time for summer 2017. Check out the video as well as complete photo report below. Plus, a new image of Volcano Bay and all its attractions for the new Universal Orlando map is also below. Stay tuned for more theme park updates coming soon!

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slidesfireA fire was spotted in a field holding many slide pieces and other construction items being staged for the upcoming Volcano Bay Water Park. It's being reported that the fire started around 2:15 p.m. ET, Tuesday. The staging area is located across the street from Wet 'n Wild, near the parking lot for Wet 'n Wild. It took Orlando and Orange County fire crews less than an hour to control and stop the blaze. It is not known yet what caused the fire. No injuries have been reported. Images below from the News 6 helicopter. Universal says they don't know cause of fire but it is contained, and there is no impact to the parks.


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00590.MTS.Still026I recently stayed at the delightful Cabana Bay Beach Resort and while I was there I had the opportunity to get some good video and photos of the construction progress over at Volcano Bay. Volcano Bay will be Universal's water theme park that will be opening sometime in 2017. (In preparation for its opening, Wet ‘n Wild will be closing later this year.) The new water park will be located directly south of Cabana Bay and will be visible from the pool area at the resort, as well as from I-4. The giant centerpiece of this new water park will be a massive volcano. The volcano will have multiple slides and rides built-in to it and a wave pool beside it. In addition to the steel structure for the volcano you can also see some of the slides being installed near the south side of the site. Check out the video as well as lots of images of construction below and stay tuned for more theme park updates!

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Wet-and-Wild-parkUniversal Orlando officially announced on their blog today that Wet ‘n Wild, recognized as "America's first water park", will be closing December 31, 2016, about 40 years since it opened. The announcement comes as no surprise given the recent news that Universal is building its own water park named Volcano Bay, opening in 2017. Back in 2013 Universal purchased the land around and under Wet 'n Wild. With their own water park opening less than a mile down the road it makes sense that they would close down the older park to avoid competing with themselves. Wet 'n Wild opened in 1977 and has been a staple in mine, and countless others' lives, especially Floridians. As Universal said in their statement, (full text below,) "As America’s first water park, Wet ‘n Wild has been the birthplace of numerous innovations that are now considered a common part of the water park experience." It will be missed. No word yet on what Universal plans to do with the land after it is closed. ...continue reading

1397667_10152779762042035_5599307611523963214_oAs I've previously reported, Universal has been building a new water park their calling Volcano Bay. Today it was officially announced via their blog, as well as emails sent to Annual Passholders. The announcement says Volcano Bay will completely redefine the water park experience. Volcano Bay will open for guests in 2017, showing that the date released by the I-Drive District of Fall 2016 was incorrect. They've released one piece of concept art so far, which looks incredible, showing a massive volcano as the centerpiece of the park. Read the entire press release below and stay tuned here for more developments.

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stateofidriveflyerAt The State Of I-Drive 2015 meeting yesterday evening presented by Rick Singh, the Orange County Property Appraiser, some information about Universal's new water park was released. An info-sheet containing information about upcoming projects for the I-Drive area available from idrivedistrict.com shows not only the supposed name for Universal's water park, but also an opening date. Universal's Volcano Bay Water Park shows as opening Fall 2016!

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Since March of 2011 there have been rumors flying around that Universal Orlando was getting into the water park business. That was when they filed a trademark on the name Wondersea Island, with the description of use for "Entertainment services in the nature of water parks". Four years later, we're finally seeing some action beyond just a name, and it may be getting a new name to boot. Continue reading.

Proposed plans for Universal's new water park, known currently as Project 533

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