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Tip Jars : Basic Donation Cashbox Help
on 2008/4/11 17:09:40 (1707 reads)
Tip Jars

Basic Donation Cashbox
Complete Instructions & Help

General Use
Setup Instructions
About the Configuration Notecard
Helpful Tips & FAQ's

_____General Use__________________________

Avatars pay money into Donation Box and it all goes directly to the object owner.

_____Setup Instructions_____________________
Rez a copy of the Donation Box somewhere.

Open the object in EDIT. Click on the "Content" tab. Open the notecard called "Configuration" and edit the settings inside, (see below.) Save and close notecard.

Object should reset automatically.

You will be prompted by a dialog box asking whether or not to turn on Notifications? Turn this on to receive an Instant Message when someone pays the object with their name, amount, and location.

Touch the object for more options.

_____About the Configuration Notecard_________

Note, only change things after "=" and DO NOT REMOVE ANY LINES!

Enter the text to display above the box.
DisplayText=Donation Box
*Put a single space here after the "=" for none

Set these to TRUE to show the last person to donate in floating text and amount.
*You must have ShowLastDonation=TRUE to show the name

Specify a color for the floating text, (use the included Color Finder)
FloatTextColor=<1.0, 1.0, 1.0>

Message to person making donation. Use AVNAME and PAYAMT to show donator's name and amount paid.
ThankYouText=Thank you for the donation of PAYAMT, AVNAME!
*Message should be less than 250 characters.
*AVNAME and PAYAMT do not have to be used. If in use they must be all capital letters.

How to deliver Thank You message? (IM, WHISPER, SAY, SHOUT)

Amount of total Lindens to start the count at.
*Useful for if your script is accidentally reset.

To set a goal enter the amount in Lindens here, (0 for no goal)
*If you are not using the goal feature you must still have this line with a "0" or scripts may fail.

To give away a gift on donation set the name of item here that is in object's inventory, (put NONE for no gift)
*Be sure it is the exact name of the item. It can be a landmark, object, notecard, clothing, etc; any one single item you want.

How much must be donated to get gift? Leave 1 for any amount of Lindens.
*Can be any amount. 1 is the minimum.

You can edit the Fast Pay button amounts here.
*These are the 4 preset buttons users see when paying the object.

When finished editing the 'Configuration' note, click SAVE and close.


You may resize the object as needed.

You can change the textures and colors in Edit under the Texture tab.

To use your own object:
-Open the Donation Box and Copy Contents to your Inventory.
-Open the object you want to use, (be sure you have modify rights.)
-Drag the "Configuration" notecard from your Inventory to the new object.
-Then drag the "Donation Box" script into the new object.
-You will lose the appearing money effects if using another object.
*Note: Scripts must be in the Key prim to work properly, (the last linked prim.)

_____Helpful Tips & FAQ's____________________

If your Donation Box is not working:

-Check to be sure you have permission to run scripts on the land parcel and be sure the object is set to the right group if needed.

-Open object in EDIT and click on TOOLS at very top of screen, then choose "Reset Scripts in Selection."

Q: How do I get the money out of my donation box or tip jar?

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