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Gadgets & Misc : Party Sploder Help
on 2015/4/6 14:30:00 (979 reads)
Gadgets & Misc

Party Sploder (Bomb & Dynamite)
Complete Instructions & Help

General Use
Setup Instructions
About Configuration Notecard
About the Touch Menu
Helpful Tips & FAQ's
Updates Changelog

_____ General Use ________________________

This object will give a random amount of Lindens to multiple random avatars at a timer interval set by the owner or staff member.

Can be set for Group Members Only to win or allow anyone.

Set a range, parcel, or entire sim that is allowed to receive random money.

A maximum amount of Lindens to give away each session can be set. Device will turn off when that limit is reached.

Optionally, avatars can pay money into the object. That money can be added to the session limit. The owner can set it so donated funds all go to session limit, a percentage goes to session limit, or all go to the owner instead. Payment is not required to win, and will not affect an avatar's chances of winning.

_____ Setup Instructions ___________________

1. Rez the object and edit the notecard inside named Configuration. (See next section.)

2. Select reset when prompted by the dialog menu.

3. Grant Pay Permission when prompted.

4. Touch object and select 'Turn On' from dialog menu. (You can change many settings from menu in addition to the notecard, see below for details.)

That's it! Have fun and read the next few sections to get the most out of this product.

____ About the Configuration Notecard _____

Set your defaults in the Configuration notecard. When the device is reset or is rezzed it will load these settings. You can change many settings through the touch menu as well, but these will be your defaults. There are also settings in the notecard that cannot be found in the touch menu.


List staff members that can use menu and cannot win? Use first and last names. Separate names with commas. (12 max)
AccessList=John Smith, Jane Smith
►This is where you list all the people you want to be able to use the Touch Menu to turn the unit on/off or change the timer interval. These people, as well as the object owner, cannot win.

Who is also not allowed to win? Use first and last names. Separate names with commas. (12 max)
BanList=Dot Vella, LydiaBug Resident
►List people you do not want to be allowed to win. Names are CaSe SeNsItIvE.

// BASIC SETTINGS // [These can also be changed by menu]

Is group required to win?
►Will use the group that the object is set to. You cannot specify group by settings notecard.

How many minutes to wait between splodes?
►After sploding the device will wait this long before sploding again.

How many eligible avatars must be in the area to splode? (1 to 25 max)
►If the minimum number of avatars is not reached at end of timer, then the object will not find a winner. It will wait until there is enough avatars before sploding.

How many meters must avatars be within to win? (Max 256, put 0 for entire sim.)

Restrict range to current parcel only? (Set range to 0 above for entire parcel.)
►Set range to 0 and this to TRUE to do the entire parcel.
►Set range to 0 and this to FALSE to do entire sim.

How much to pay out TOTAL each time? Each splode random avatars will be paid smaller amounts from the total amount until there is no more left.
►Set these high if you have a lot of avatars so more people can win!
►Both numbers can be the same to always give away same amount.

The unit will turn itself off after this amount is reached/exceeded. Tally resets every time unit turned on or off. (Set to 0 for no limit.)
►This total will always reset to 0 when the unit is turned off or reset.
►You can change it on the fly through touch menu as well.


When enabled anyone can pay money into the object. (Payment is NOT required to win.)
►Payment is not required to win, and will not affect their chances of winning.
►When disabled, the Pay button may still appear in right-click menu but avatars will not be allowed to pay; no payment buttons will be visible.

What percent should donations apply to the session limit, (set above)? For example, setting 60 will put 60% of donation towards prize money, and keep 40% for owner.
►100 will put all money back to sploding.
►0 will give all donations to owner.

Edit the Fast Pay button amounts here. (Put 1 to 4 numbers separated by commas.)
►Set Show any Amount to False to only allow the fastpay amounts as payments.


When object makes announcements, set TRUE to shout or FALSE to say.
►Shouted text can be seen by avatars that are farther away, but may annoy close by neighbors. Device's default is to Say.

Show text above the object? (FALSE for no text.)
►Displays info about time between splodes, if group required, and how many avatars needed if minimum not yet reached.

The color of the Floating Text when in use.
FloatTextColor=<1.0, 1.0, 1.0>
►Use the included Color Finder object to learn the color you want to use.

Should the object rotate around?
►Rotates the object around and around.

Show particle effects leading up to splode? (FALSE to turn off particles.)
►The device has a lit fuse effect as well as explosion effect on splode.

Shoot money particles on splode? (FALSE to turn off particle money.)
►The device will shoot money effects in all directions during splode.
►Note: Money texture can be changed through touch menu.

Use sound effects? (FALSE for not sound.)
►The device will make a fuse lit sound, explosion sound at splode time, and cash register noises when avatars are paid.


Should the timer start AFTER all minimum avatars have arrived? (Set to FALSE to always run timer, and if not enough avatars it will just try again.)
►If True, timer will start over when the minimum amount of avatars are present.
►If False, timer always runs, but no money awarded if not enough avatars present.

Send an IM to owner when session limit reached?

_____ About the Touch Menu _______________

Most of these settings will revert to the settings in the Configuration notecard if the device is reset, (see above section for more information). Use touch menu to change settings on the fly, like during an event. Managers can change most of these settings as well. Managers are set in Configuration notecard.

• Turn On/Off - This will turn the device on or off. It will start off when reset/rezzed.

• Min Avatars - How many eligible avatars must be present to start splode?

• Payout Limit - Device will turn itself off when this amount is reached.

• Timer - Time in minutes between splodes.

• Range - Maximum distance a person can be away from the object to be eligible.

• Prize Money - Enter the minimum and maximum amounts to be paid, total, each splode. A random amount between the two numbers will be chosen at splode time. The system will randomly award eligible avatars smaller portions of that amount until there is none left.

• Group On/Off - Toggles if a person has to have same group active that the object is set to in order to be eligible. The device will tell them the group URL when they touch it if group mode on.

• Money Image - Allows you to change the money texture for splode effect. Choose from 7 default money images or use your own texture by entering a UUID key.

• Reset (Owner Only) - Reloads the Configuration notecard & resets all settings.

_____ Customizing _________________________

Warning: Do not link or unlink the object or it may break certain functions.

You can change colors or textures by opening the object in EDIT/BUILD menu and going to the Texture tab. It is suggested you have EDIT LINKED PARTS checked when doing so to be sure you are changing the correct prims.

The Money Image used in splode effect can be changed through the touch menu. Select 'Money Image' from menu. There you can choose from 7 default money images or use your own texture by entering a UUID key.

Open object in BUILD/EDIT and check EDIT LINKED PARTS. Select the CHILD prim and you will see the sound files in inventory. Replace them with your own sounds, using the exact same names. There are 3 sounds in total. You can replace any or all if you wish. (Note: Removing the sounds without replacing them will cause script errors. Turn sounds off in Configuration instead.)

_____ Helpful Tips & FAQ's ____________________

If the scripts are not working:

• Check to be sure you have permission to Run Scripts on the land parcel. Be sure the object is set to the right group if only Group is allowed to Run Scripts for your land.

• Reset the scripts from BUILD/TOOLS menu.

Q: Can I resize the object?
A: Yes. You may resize the object as needed.

Q: Can I unlink or remove prims from the object?
A: No. Every prim is needed and unlinking may break it.

Q: Is there a limit to how many avatars can be scanned by this item?
A: The limit is 100, same as the limit of how many avatars allowed in a sim.

Q: I've disabled donation feature but it still says Pay in menu?
A: When disabled, the Pay button may still appear in right-click menu but avatars will not be allowed to pay; no payment buttons will be visible.

Q: Is this device legal in Second Life?
A: Yes. It does not require payment to win so is not included in Linden Lab's TOS rules against gambling or skill games.

Q: I've added names to Access List but they don't get menu?
A: See this: http://www.aliciastella.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=70

Note: Owner, Managers, and Ban List can never win, and are not counted towards Minimum Avatars needed to splode.

Warning: Do not link or unlink the object or it may break certain functions.


APRIL 2015- Product Release

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