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Tip Jars : Tip All Tip Jars Help
on 2016/7/15 14:50:17 (657 reads)
Tip Jars

Color Change, Money Chest, and Custom Tip All Tip Jars
Complete Instructions & Help

General Use
Setup Instructions
About the Configuration Notecard
About the Touch Menu
Helpful Tips & FAQ's
Updates Changelog

_____General Use__________________________

The Tip All Tip Jar allows your guests to pay one object and have the tip distributed equally between all of the staff working. This allows guests to pay everyone at once!

The owner adds avatar keys to a notecard for all the staff that can be paid. Owner sets whether staff needs to be present or not, the max range in meters they can be, and whether to limit range to within the parcel or not.

When a tip is paid the script will split it between everyone eligible (within set area) at the time. If there is not enough money to split between everyone, staff will be paid in the order they are listed in the notecard.

The owner can take a percentage off the top, before the amount is split. And three additional owners can be added to the settings. The three extra owners will get an equal share, same as the other staff, but will not be required to be present.

_____Setup Instructions_____________________

Rez a copy of the Tip All Tip Jar somewhere.

Open the object in EDIT/BUILD menu. Go to the "Content" tab.

Add staff keys to Keys List notecard, one per line. Avatars will be paid in order they are listed in notecard, so place more important keys towards the top.

Edit the Configuration Notecard inside the object to set your settings, and save notecard. (See next section for details.)

You should see a pop-up dialog menu asking if you should "Reset" or "Cancel." Choose "Reset" if ready for your new settings to take effect. (You can also Touch and choose "Reset" from owner menu.)

You will be asked for permission to "Take Lindens from you? Click yes. This allows the script to pay employees and extra owners when tipped.

Touch the object for more options by Menu. See below sections for more details.

_____About the Configuration Notecard_________

Do not remove any lines, even if you are not using them.


Set this to TRUE to only pay a percentage to avatars within the area. If set to FALSE, everyone on list will receive a percentage. (Skip to next section if False.)
*If set FALSE will attempt to split tips with everyone on list, even if they're offline.

How many meters must avatars be within to receive percentage? (Max 256, put 0 for entire sim.)
*Put 0 for entire sim.
*For entire parcel set this to 0 and next setting to TRUE.

Restrict range to current parcel only? (Set range to 0 above for entire parcel.)
*This can be used with any amount of avatar range above, but still limit within parcel.
*Set range to 0 above and this to TRUE for entire parcel.


Send owner an IM when a tip is received with name and amount?

Pay all donations to owner when unit is turned off? (Will not accept payments if set FALSE while off.)
*When set TRUE this will allow the object to receive tips just for object owner when off.
*Set FALSE to not receive tips at all when off.

Enter the text to display above the object when off.
OffText=Club Donations
*Change this to say something like OFF if not using owner off mode.

If you would like to take a cut of each tip, (before it is split between everyone on list), specify a percentage you would like to keep as object owner.
*You can instead put your key in the Keys List to get an equal cut when present or as one of the extra owners below.

To split money with up to 3 more additional avatars who do not need to be present to be paid, specify their keys here. (These avatars will get equal percent, same as avatars listed in other notecard, but will be paid first.)


Enter the text to display above the object when on.
DisplayText=Tip Everyone!
*Do NOT use any special characters, only basic punctuation allowed , . !

Set these to TRUE to show the last person to donate in floating text and amount.
*You must also have ShowLastDonation=TRUE to show the name

Specify a color for the floating text, (use the included Color Finder)
FloatTextColor=<1.0, 1.0, 1.0>
*Use the "Color Finder" included with your Tip Jar.

Message to person making donation.
ThankYouText=Thank you for the tip of PAYAMT, AVNAME!
*Do NOT use any special characters, only basic punctuation allowed , . !
*Use AVNAME and PAYAMT to show donator's name and amount paid.

How to deliver Thank You message? (IM, WHISPER, SAY, SHOUT)

To give away a gift on donation set the name of item here that is in object's inventory, (put NONE for no gift)
*Be sure it is the exact name of the item. It can be a landmark, object, notecard, clothing, etc; any one single item you want.
*You should have Copy and Transfer rights to item. Can set to any perms for next owner.

How much must be donated to get gift? Leave 1 for any amount of Lindens.

You can edit the Fast Pay button amounts here.

// SERVER SETTINGS // INFO: http://www.asdwebtools.com/tipping.php

If using the ASD Tipping Server (sold separately,) please specify channel here. (Leave 0 for no server use.)

Categories are defined using Tipping Server and must be one word, Case Sensitive. (Leave NONE for no category.)

_____About the Touch Menu_______________

Only the owner can touch the object and see this menu. If other avatars touch it will tell them how to pay the object to leave a tip. Managers of a connected Tipping Server (sold separately) can also use the touch menu.

• Turn On/Off - This will turn the device on or off. It will not pay avatars in list when off. Depending on your settings it may pay the owner when off, or not receive tips at all.

• Get Info - Will tell you how many avatars are eligible to receive a cut currently.

• Reset Count - Resets the total tipped back to zero.

• Load List - Loads the Keys List notecard, but does not load settings.

• Textures (Color Change Version) - Select your object texture from nine choices.

• Color Change (Color Change Version) - Turn this feature on/off. If you want to use your own color, turn this feature off first.

• Reset (Owner Only) - Reloads the Configuration notecard & resets all settings.

• Updates (Owner Only) - Checks to see if there is a newer version available.


COLOR CHANGE VERSION ONLY: Select texture from nine choices by menu, in the "Textures" section:
1. Tip Everyone!
2. Tip All Staff
3. Club Tips
4. Tip Us All!
5. Tip All
6. Staff Tips
7. Tip Us!
8. Donations
9. Blank

CUSTOM VERSION ONLY: Use the scripts in any object you want! You must have modify rights to the object you want to use. Be sure you place all the scripts and notecards into the key prim of your new object for it to work correctly.

You can change floating text color from Configuration notecard. Use the "Color Finder" included in your package to learn the color code.

You may resize the object as needed.

_____Helpful Tips & FAQ's____________________

If your Tip Jar is not working:

• Check to be sure you have permission to Run Scripts on the land parcel. Be sure the object is set to the right group if only Group is allowed to Run Scripts. (Tipping Hat requires permission to Rez/Create Objects as well.)

• Open object in EDIT and click on TOOLS at very top of screen, then choose "Reset Scripts in Selection."

Deeded Tip Jars will not work correctly.

Q: How do I get the money out of my donation box or tip jar?


JULY 2016 - VER 1.0 - Product Release

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