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Day/Night Script
on 2010/5/12 5:16:41 (5590 reads)

Keeps track if the sun in a region is day or night.

  0   Script ID : 39
Touch Time Basic
on 2010/5/12 5:05:08 (1348 reads)

Will tell you how many seconds between Touch_Start and Touch_End.

  0   Script ID : 34
Touch Time Advanced
on 2010/5/12 5:04:01 (1376 reads)

Have 2 different things happen for regular Touch and Long Touch, (hold for 2 seconds.)

  0   Script ID : 33
Countdown Script
on 2009/5/28 4:22:02 (8549 reads)

Set the date and time and script will count down. Displays in real time Float Text.

  0   Script ID : 26

Disclaimer: While I do not mind if these scripts are used in things you sell, I do not wish for these scripts to be sold either on their own or in script packs.
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