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Free LSL Scripts from Alicia Stella Design
Copy these scripts to a 'New Script' in-world! While I do not mind if these scripts are used in things you sell, I do not wish for these scripts to be sold either on their own or in script packs. Get most of the scripts here as well.

Looking for more? You can also purchase premium scripts in-world here and on the Second Life Marketplace.

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Get Legacy, Display, & Username
on 2013/3/13 23:37:28 (1055 views)

Scripts to get avatar's Legacy Name, Display Name, and Username when touched.

  0   ID : 46
Parcel Key Finder
on 2010/11/30 13:21:24 (1981 views)

To find your place's Parcel Key just drop this script into a new object and Touch.

  0   ID : 45
Charity Donation Box Script
on 2010/5/12 0:28:47 (3955 views)

All money paid into Donation Box is paid to a specific avatar set in script.

  0   ID : 44
Get Region Map
on 2010/5/12 0:25:16 (2778 views)

Displays map image of current sim on prim & updates every 24 hours.

  0   ID : 43
Reset Everything (Deletes Itself)
on 2010/5/12 0:23:38 (2069 views)

Resets float text, object rotate, texture animation, sit-target, & much more.

  0   ID : 42
Give Folder [Anyone Version]
on 2010/5/12 0:19:36 (2247 views)

Gives a folder of items to anyone that Touches.

  0   ID : 41
Give Folder [Group Version]
on 2010/5/12 0:18:26 (2448 views)

Gives a folder of items only to avatars with the same active group.

  0   ID : 40
Day/Night Script
on 2010/5/12 0:16:41 (2559 views)

Keeps track if the sun in a region is day or night.

  0   ID : 39
Away/Busy Check
on 2010/5/12 0:13:35 (1749 views)

Will check if avatar is away or busy when Touched.

  0   ID : 38
Collision Sound
on 2010/5/12 0:12:24 (2950 views)

Will play a sound that is inside prim with script when avatar walks onto object.

  0   ID : 37
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