Disney’s Hollywood Studios Update: Star Wars Land, Toy Story Land Construction and Starring Rolls Cafe Closed

Construction is actually underway over at Disney's Hollywood Studios! We're finally seeing some movement on the Star Wars and Toy Story land work. The queue building for Slinky Dog coaster is going up and foundation work is happening at Star Wars land. The Muppets balloon with Kermit's face on it has been removed from the MuppetVision theater tower. This was to prevent it from being seen from within Star Wars land, (although I'm not sure why it had to come down so soon.) See below for more details about these massive new expansions, including concept art and a map outlining the ride placements in relation to the rest of the park.

Elsewhere in the park, Starring Rolls Cafe has closed its doors for good, with many of its baked goods now only available at the Trolley Car Cafe across Sunset Blvd. The tables out front are still present for guests, and signage remains (for now,) but there's no indication that Starring Rolls is ever going to be coming back. And lastly, guests now have a chance to check out a preview for the new live-action Beauty and the Beast at One Man's Dream. Plus, you can see props and Belle's dress used in filming. See the video as well as the extensive photo report below and stay tuned for more theme park news and updates!

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About Star Wars and Toy Story Land

I made the map below to outline where the new lands will be located, generally. Each new land will debut with two new attractions. Toy Story Land will feature a spinner ride based on the little 3-eyed aliens from the film, and a family roller coaster based on Slinky Dog. Construction has already begun on the Slinky Dog coaster's queue and load building, (see photos below and video above.) The area will be themed to look like Andy's backyard, where guests can feel like they're the size of a toy!

The new Star Wars themed land, planned for sometime in 2019, will open with two main attractions as well. One will be a ride where we get to pilot the Millennium Falcon ourselves. The other is an attraction featuring a battle between First Order stormtroopers and Resistance fighters. The battle attraction has already begun construction, with foundation being laid as we speak. The land will be themed as an outpost planet filled with cantinas and shops all run by "real" alien employees.

Expansion map for Hollywood Studios: Note the two new lands will connect to each other. Also note that entrance and exit for Toy Story Mania will be moved to back of building. Where the ride entrance is now will be turned into backstage areas and that street will no longer be accessible to guests.
Star Wars Land Concept Art: Battle attraction seen on middle-left, then Millennium Falcon ride top-middle, and village shops and dining on the right
Toy Story Land Concept: Existing Toy Story Mania ride at bottom, Slinky Dog coaster top-right, alien spinner ride left, and pathway to Star Wars land on far left middle

Photo Update

Welcome to Hollywood Studios!

Minor work going on at The Darkroom store
Guests being redirected to other stores in the meantime
Starring Rolls Cafe officially closed
Signage still up
Door windows blacked out from the inside
Empty condiment bar
Guests can still utilize the tables and chairs
Guests being redirected to Trolley Car Cafe (Starbucks) across the street
The Trolley Car Cafe opened two years ago offering similar items
Inside the Trolley Car Cafe
Many baked goods from Starring Rolls now available at Trolley Car
You can still get the famous Butterfinger Cupcakes, (although with a new name)
Moving on to One Man's Dream for a preview of the new Beauty and the Beast film

Rose under glass and Belle's dress on display

Word is, when Toy Story Land opens, this street will be closed off to guests and be cast members only (again)
To the right of the Toy Story Mania building will eventually be the entryway to Toy Story Land
Over the wall we can see the Slinky Dog coaster queue building taking shape
A better look at the Slinky Dog coaster queue/load building
One more look at the closed off breezeway to Toy Story Land
At the dead end of Pixar Place we can see a little bit more work going on
Cranes moving heavy pieces behind Toys Story Mania
Work being done for edge of Toy Story Land
Several cranes seen in the distance for Star Wars land
Behind the work wall a large dirt berm is being created
This berm will eventually block Star Wars from Toy Story, and visa versa
Tall berm starting to poke over the work walls

New work walls surrounding the future entrance to Star Wars land

Directory sign on wall using the worst directional arrows possible
All of the trees and all of the flat New York facades that were once here, are now completely gone
One last structure from Streets of America remains, and may stay here to help block area from rest of park
Former location of Writers Stop. (It's possible this might re-open in two years when the land is ready)
I'm ready. I'm ready!
As you get closer to Muppets area the original work walls remain
Front view of the last remaining streets of America structure
This ice cream sundae also survived the wrecking ball
Muppets balloon has been removed from top of MuppetVision tower

How it originally looked
How it looks now

First the fountain is turned into a planter, and now this!
View of construction from PizzeRizzo balcony
These are the trees directly behind work walls on Pixar Place street, just for show for now
Workers setting up foundation for Star Wars land
One last look at this area from above, mostly what will be the entryway to Star Wars land from the park
Behind the Muppet theater, walls still up blocking this beat up old building facade
Over the wall, the Phineas and Ferb meet and greet backdrop still remains
Still a lot of work to be done for Star Wars land over the next two years or so
In the meantime, there's still lots of Star Wars in this park already
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