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Hiya! Thank you to everyone that has followed my blog for the past several years. I've had a blast covering massive construction updates from the beginning like the new King Kong ride at Islands of Adventure. As many of you already know I have started an entirely new website devoted to the Orlando parks: OrlandoParkStop.com.

In an effort to focus more on my new site I will no longer be posting articles and updates to this blog. Please follow the news feed RSS for my new site, and subscribe to the Email Newsletter for continuing coverage. I've already covered the opening of Pandora and Volcano Bay in great detail since starting the site. And I've discussed many rumors about upcoming lands and attractions like the Epcot upgrades and Toy Story Land. New stories about Super Nintendo World and Star Wars land are coming soon as well!

I hope to see you at the new website and once again, thanks so much for your support! Visit now at OrlandoParkStop.com.

jprideadWith Jurassic World now reaching one billion dollars worldwide, the Universal Parks are jumping on the opportunity to promote their existing Jurassic Park attraction. They have released a commercial for 'Jurassic Park: The Ride' at both Hollywood and Orlando, invoking the ideas of Jurassic World with the text, See The Movie, Then Dare to Ride It, mixed with images from the Jurassic World film and scenes from the Jurassic Park ride. In addition to the new ad, which we might start seeing on television immediately, there's also a new website open, devoted entirely to the Jurassic Park ride. The new website, www.jurassicparktheride.com, is currently just a portal to take you to the ride info page from either the Hollywood or Orlando version's website. While many are hoping to see new rides directly themed to Jurassic World at the parks, it's nice to at least see Universal reminding us of the great ride they already have. Check out my video of the entire Jurassic Park River Adventure ride in Orlando below.